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You self identify as an executive, manager or entrepreneur …

You’re living your Next Fifty …

And you’re wondering what’s next?

One question worth asking now:

How you will use your lived experience for the betterment of your workplace, the community, the world.

If You’re Still in the Workplace

Legacy footprint in your workplace

The question in the picture to the left excites a challenge – especially when answering it today!

As you find ways to leave your legacy footprint, legacy story your awareness of what’s going on heightens and your giving-receiving gene kicks in because:

Legacy is for giving. It’s in you to share.

If You’ve Moved On from Your Workplace

You could return to your industry as a consultant, facilitator, instructor, mentor or coach.

You can offer what you know and can do to charitable organizations locally or globally.

You could write, speak and offer online and offline workshops.

Creating a Life Leadership Legacy Project

What about creating a legacy project?

You could move from executive and/or manager to entrepreneur.
What products, services and experiences can you offer others as you create your Next Fifty Business?

The possibly exists to create a charitable organization.
Albeit it might be more helpful to deliver a legacy project with an existing charitable organization.

A Closing Note

Keep in mind and heart as you action one or more of these questions the importance of freedom and fun while choosing your Next Fifty work-related approach for your life leadership legacy.

Always and in all ways find ways to Give Back, Remain Healthy, Stay Active and Take Action to feed and fan your Next Fifty Life Leadership Legacy at Work.

Make it a wellthy day,

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Moving Forward Together

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