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Sharing My Recent Story  

Five years ago, I left my CEO position to recreate my life. To focus on the design and delivery my Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) Platform

Early on, I consulted on two multi-million dollar M&A projects (emphasis – workplace culture and people navigation). I instructed two leadership development projects in Ethiopia. And picked up a variety of exciting projects with entrepreneurs. 

Then, the projects were becoming far and few between.

As a result, my rejection (and shame) feelings arrived with a vengeance.

At the same time, I was hearing frequent statements like “You’re too brilliant!” “Dumb it down if you want me to get it.” and “Us mere mortals, we get lost in what you’re sharing.”

While these statements are great marketing insights of a message not delivered in the words of my customers, I took them personally.

I shrunk away from my life purpose. I slowed down, hid away, and worked from behind computer screen.

I gave my time and effort way without fair exchange, didn’t ask for support, and on some personal levels gave up.  

Today, with the support of business mentors and coaches, and friends who get me … I reclaim my brilliance and celebrate my achievements.

I’m refocusing my way forward – which will become evident through the blog posts to follow … as I find my voice, mastery, position, and authority.

Here are five photos and insights that highlight my thinking for the near future:

life example Stephen Hobbs
life example Stephen Hobbs
life example Stephen Hobbs
life example Stephen Hobbs
life example Stephen Hobbs

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