October 29, 2015

Leverage Your Leadership Legacy as a Grandparent Mentor and Facilitator

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Use Your Current Professional Practices and Standards to Guide Your Grandchildren’s Curiosity 

The concept of professional practice used here moves beyond architects, engineers, doctors and lawyers to encompass auditors, nurses and pharmacists. Also, those who manage and lead are included albeit as quasi-professionals.

These job titles are illustrative. You can add others that pertain to you.

What’s of importance is your willingness to share what you’ve learned and applied to guide the learning and development of your grandkids.

Professional Practice as Lived Experience

Overtime, what you’ve learned and applied at work contributes to your lived experience.

And there are aspects of your lived experience you can gift your grandchildren for them to learn something.

The possibilities are endless. You have figure out what is applicable by age and interest.

Topics include decision-making, problem solving, determination, perseverance and loyalty to name a few. When more specific requests are made, reframe the learning and take action.

Prepping To Share with Your Grandchildren

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you guiding your grandchildren to make a difference?
  • Are you taking your grandchildren – others – to the edge and asking them to join you?
  • Are you supporting your grandchildren in doing what they were meant to do?
  • Ultimately, are you doing what you are meant to do before you die?

Your answers start to unearth the wise practices and inspired standards associated with the life tensions you experience as a grandparent with your grandchildren.

When your professional practices and standards – as actions, insights and assets – are shared with your grandchildren through mentoring and facilitating, writing and speaking, dialogue and discussion you are offering them guidance to transition through their life tensions.

And should they continue to share their lived experience with families and friends, communities and the world, the benefit of your guidance grows exponentially.

It’s called Pay It Forward. At WELLthMovement.com it’s called Share IT Fromward.
What’s the Difference? 

Pay It Forward … has the beneficiary of a good deed express a good deed with someone other than the person who shared the original good deed. Someone paid for your coffee without you knowing it. So you pay for a coffee for someone.

There is a reactive feel to the action. Still appreciated.
Share IT Fromward … has the beneficiary of a good deed express a good deed with deeper mindfulness of the impact of sharing the next good deed with someone else other than the person who shared the original good deed.

The personal depth of awareness is important in celebration of the giver’s life tensions. With awareness of receiving and creating a giving, the giver has undergone a conscious transition. This awareness of the transition adds to the lived experience with a story to share or actions to replicate.

There is some form of enlargement of the original good deed without placing burden on the giver.

With the expression of the good deed there is a corresponding shift in “being you for the world.” The giving good deed has a future-to-present perspective valued by you.

That is you’ve experienced a transition. You’re awareness has been invigorated. You see, feel and experience a mindful shift in your contributions to the others.

That is, while you received a free cup of coffee you might pay for a meal for someone knowing they will be hungry and cannot afford the meal.

You felt the kindness of a grandmother and her grandchildren as they all interacted with your grandkids and other children on the playground. You decide to sponsor a child through Plan Canada and involve your grandchildren.

Of importance, the Share It Fromward approach has you deciding your action from your life and leadership legacy. It’s about making shift happen!

There is a proactive feel to the action.

Mentors and Their Share IT Fromward

Your lived experience is a reflection of your learning and development. Also, the many Pay It Forward and Share IT Fromward interactions you’ve encountered.

Reflect on the mentors and facilitators you’ve met.

Each one has given you something that enlarges you. Whether it was a new idea that reframed your perspective to a new process to get work done, they shared it fromward.

They’ve shared their lived experiences for you to see, feel and experience who you are becoming.

They took the time and effort to share what they knew and could do. They were being their best for the world.

As you think of the ways to guide your grandchildren give a nod to how you mentor and facilitate their involvement.

To Mentor, To Facilitate Your Grandchildren

Mentor means to share your lived experience by answering questions the other person has for you.

Remain open to the questions the grandchildren have to ask. Answer them wholeheartedly and celebrate their inquisitiveness. Encourage ongoing questions. And when you are without a response to their question, respond by saying “Yes, about let’s find an answer.”

Facilitate means to draw ideas from others/someone through an inquiry process for decision-making.

Ask the grandchildren open-ended questions to encourage dialogue. Keep track of the ideas they come up with in response to the question. Support them in making a decision. Of importance is to value “silence speaks.”

In Closing

Your professional practice offers many tools and techniques useful to your grandchildren.

Sort out what your grandkids can see, feel and experience of the wise practices and inspired standards you wove into your life.

Take the time to educate from your lived experience and to draw them into conversation.

When realize you are reciprocating learning and actions beneficial to both of you are Share IT Fromward moves from a standard to a practice.

Celebrate your contributions of mentoring and facilitating as Share It Fromward activities. They are major activities within your Leadership Legacy!

On behalf of your grandchildren – thank you! On behalf of the world – thank you!

Comment below on the actions you’ll take … and I’ll add insights where I can leverage your comments for all of us to learn.

Learn more about 9 educating approaches useful to manage and lead others click this link. The book is written for managers and leaders in organizations. Therefore it will guide your professional practice.

However, replace manager and leader with grandparent. Then read from this perspective. Because the insights in this book contribute to the core framework required for your leadership legacy especially with your grandchildren.

Help_ Them_ Help_ You_ Manage_Lead

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