May 22, 2016

Legacy Word for the World 

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Your Legacy Word for the World

Once known you have a key to being you for the world. 

Within you is a LEGACY WORD.
legacy wordIt frames the essence of what you enjoy to learn/educate and learn/educate to enjoy.
It illuminates key knowledge and skills that guide you from the future into the present.

The associated Legacy Intentions focus the actions
you take to bring your Word for the World
to life through you and with others.

When you share your Legacy Word for the World
via your Legacy stories and activities you refresh and revitalize yourself.
You radiate consistency and confidence.
You deepen connections with friends and family
that carries over to work colleagues and the community.

As a result … you communicate from your commitments.
In doing so, you benefit all with whom you connect each day.

When people see, feel and experience you in this enticing way,
the question that often follows is, “What’s your secret?”

You have an answer! It’s your Legacy Word for the World.

Click to discover and explore your Word for the World 

In closing …

Always and in all ways we’re committed to keeping it simple and consistent.

And we’re open to your suggestions …

Let’s have some fun together sharing stories with metaphors to fully expressing your life leadership legacy.

Make it a wellthy day,

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