Legacy Well Living Organization

What is your legacy contribution at work?
Are you supporting - managing - leading a well-living organization?

Are your projects & stories framing - guiding others' experiences of the safe allocation of time, effort, & money? 

That is, are you managing safe systems & leading safer practices for those you work with?

Legacy is about the useful whats - time, effort, and money - you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience.

10 Characteristics Well Living Organization
Legacy Well Living Organization
Lead From the Vision WOW 1
Responsive Listening
Use Network Management WLO
Bring Uniqueness to Safe Work
Balance Persons Producing Profit
Ethical and Supportive Behavior
Learn Know Share
Balance Fun Risk Creation
Share Service With Others

Here is an expansion of the 10 Characteristics of a Well-Living Organization from the image above...

The well-living organization evolves a community, where all nurture the following 10 key characteristics:
*The wording in the image may differ slightly from what I wrote below.
Sometimes, it's helpful to use different words, written in different ways, to up-level the creative process)

  1. Lead from the vision… with an expressed and inspiring vision, people guide others along the paths. . .as everyone works from the mission, vision, & values
  2. Leverage responsive listening… persons inspire self and motivate others in their work, when & where they listen for how to advance and sustain engagement
  3. Use network management… when all persons realize they manage-lead ‌in a network because there is no centre does networking work
  4. Bring uniqueness to the work… as persons bring who they really are to the work, there is a shared agreement to create safe and hospitable interactions
  5. Balance persons, producing & profit… persons are the mainstay of the workplace, through their individual performance they collectively produce the required outcome
  6. Show ethical and supportive behavior… as persons go about doing their great work, they do so through practiced organization values and to support each other
  7. Eco-create learning-knowing-doing… where all encourage formal, informal, and incidental lifelong learning to the benefit of each person personally and persons collectively
  8. Ensure contribution to society… as the organization draws its resources from the wider environment, the organization gives back in some form
  9. Balance risk, fun & creative process… persons work through freedom and flexibility, to find the best path to complete their task assignments
  10. Share in service with others… in fulfilling one’s work, give consideration to how you serve others, both internal and external to the organization  

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as they apply to your existing or new organization,
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