September 21, 2021 

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Clarify from Consistency 
Contribute from Confidence 
Communicate from Commitment  

2 Videos about Legacy Projects and Legacy Intention 
2 Videos about (a) Murmuration and (b) Hope 

Become a Mentor 

Legacy... is about the useful whats that you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

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September 15, 2021 

As the message suggests --- a great start!
Another word for "issue" is "question".
Another word for "initiative" is "answer".
Pick a question, answer it!

Pick an issue, deal with it with an initiative!

In all actions, you "clarify from consistency".

Clarify from Consistency

September 16, 2021

IMC All Things Mentoring Lounge - Sept 15, 2021 Summary

  • Use Collaborative Conversations When Mentoring  and Coaching
  • What is the value of a mentor to a mentee?
  • Is coaching overtaking mentoring (in the workplace)?

Article from National Geographic

See the beautiful, ecologically priceless trees Italy is protecting forever

There is something in the actions that bring about #involvement and #evolvement - Have you thought about those actions?

Consider the message in the image - take out a pen and paper (your device note-taking app) and explore/discover what's next!

Contribute from Confidence

September 17. 2021

Tree Within a Tree

A Twitter question:
If you could plant a tree anywhere in the world, where would you plant it?

My response:
Metaphorically with my heart; literally in a schoolyard where there are no trees under which to read, write, and arithmetic ))smiles (I've been to such schools) --- onward!

September 18. 2021

Was out with the dog this morning - sun not up yet - a hint on the horizon, however... when I turned the corner by the telephone pole, the wind was in my face... and I thought "How important it is to become a mentor - a person competent in what it means to mentor" --- I knew then, I had to organize a new approach to the story I'm sharing.

Coming soon to a computer screen in front of you!

The stimulus in this story was the dog and walking ))smiles

Mentor Legacy Project IMC

"When you see hope with your own eyes!"

Addicted to Hope
From Green Renaissance 

September 19. 2021

Murmuration (...refers to the phenomenon that results when hundreds, sometimes thousands, of starlings fly in swooping, intricately coordinated patterns through the sky.)  --- and now, persons!

September 20. 2021

What are 5 Reasons to Know Your Legacy Intention?
(for Decision Making)


Communicate from Community

The insight from this message unfolds to varying degrees depending on your commitment to communication & community - know your audience - know their needs & wants - deliver PSEs - check if you landed the plane (or skidded off the runway!) - And, celebrate

Communicate from Community

September 21. 2021

Blog Post Legacy Project September 21, 2021

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