October 26, 2021

Legacy Project Updates October 26, 2021, Facilitative Mentoring

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October 26, 2021 

Resource Topics from the past week: 

Images sharing different perspectives on Legacy Project and Legacy Story including reference to Legacy Intention; 

Articles on NFTs and the Life Saving Power of TREES; 

Video on Land Acknowledgements - Treaty 7 of Alberta; 

Quick yearly update on WELLth Movement.  

Legacy... is about the useful whats that you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

Each Tuesday(ish), you can read - watch - share the images, GIFs, videos, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past week or forthcoming.

All in one place! Value, Challenge, Project, Story, Contribution... and,
Life, Leadership, Legal, Literacy, Loverage  

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October 20, 2021 

Legacy Project Updates October 19, 2021, Facilitative Mentoring

Blog Post October 19, 2021

Bertolt: An Uncommonly Tender Illustrated Story about Love, Loss, the Life-Saving Power of Trees, and Learning How to Savor Unlonely Solitude

Intention is the formless - the field; Legacy is the form - the system; Legacy Intention is your decision to live from the legacy you intend to share = well-living life!

Legacy Intention suggests the first few stepping stones and thought marks of a well-living life 

And the words associated with your Legacy Intention are the walking staff 

Legacy Project Formless Form Legacy Intention

October 21, 2021

What can others learn from your legacy story?
What legacy story about you is voiced by others?https://wellthmovement.com/legacy-intention is a great place to learn about living from the legacy you intend to leave

Legacy Project Legacy Story

October 22, 2021

Legacy is more than the Game of Communication. It's about what you want, need, and desire from the extraordinary life you are living NOW - Walk on!
This image offers a Perspective --- through a Legacy Lens --- about living life in a wellthy and wholehearted way.

Legacy Project Extraordinary Life

October 23, 2021

Every Moment in Time underpins your legacy story. Because, how you use time is a legacy thread for your tapestry of being fully human.

Legacy Project Legacy Story

Watch “What are Land Acknowledgements?” on #Vimeo
About Southern Alberta, Calgary and area --- as I learn more --- with deep appreciation!

October 24, 2021

abundance truth

October 25, 2021

Turn slightly left or right - do you hear the calling? Will you move to IT or away from IT? It matters - a decision is required! Where IT = I Transition!

https://wellthmovement.com/legacy-inention/ is where you can start today! Identify your legacy words... 

Legacy Project Waking to the Calling

October 26, 2021

A Legacy Quote:
Legacy Project Educating Approach

Quick update for 2021 - leaning into 2022:

Q1 and Q2 = gave a topic and an audience a go = crickets! --- storing content for later (I will be able to use it))smiles
Q3 = reVAMPing my topic and audience = enjoying it!
MAKES sense for all!
Q4 = an introductory course is up from a personal perspective; rescripted a workplace course (available with editing ongoing); creating base resources in support of courses; AND content marketing ))smiles

a) Legacy is my focus! 55+ year young professionals and paraprofessionals - those in educative service with others now and have an eco-related leaning for their legacy project moving forward

b) Personal Course: Explore and discover your legacy intention words to establish a baseline/foundation/seedbed from which to MAKE IT Happen!


c) The workplace course is available when I chat with persons about their/a workplace legacy (especially if they are still in the workplace and transitioning out over a 1-3 year time period)))))))
(Website link in a later announcement this week)

d) Have a Legacy Accelerator program - 1to1 (now) ... those into making it HAPPEN Now>>> you experience a facilitative mentoring approach
(Use the Website Contact Form if this topic interests you - more to follow the beginning of next week)

e) AND, testing other possibilities

--- Enjoying my Legacy Contributions!

"Live FROM the Legacy YOU Intend to Leave"
"Legacy is in you to gift!"
"From the Wellth of IT"

Blog Post October 26, 2021

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