November 30, 2021

Legacy Project Updates November 30, 2021, Facilitative Mentoring

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November 30, 2021 

Legacy Resource Topics from the past week: 

Read 7 Legacy Notes on topics like "feeling gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty', and "serve as the soul author and sole publisher" of your legacy stories and legacy contributions;  

Watch a video on "Responsive Listening When Mentoring"; 

Read an expanded description of legacy using each of the words in the definition  

Legacy... is about the useful whats that you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

Each Tuesday(ish), you can read - watch - share the images, GIFs, videos, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past week or forthcoming.

All in one place! Value, Challenge, Project, Story, Contribution... and,
Life, Leadership, Legal, Literacy, Loverage  

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Legacy Project Updates November 23, 2021, Facilitative Mentoring

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Blog Post November 23, 2021

Images posted during this time period:

Legacy Feelings Gratitude Certainty
Legacy Project Soul Sole

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Video and Article from the International Mentoring Community



Articles and Images with Useful-Helpful-Eventful Insights

Legacy Decoded Definition Words

Read the expanded --- word by word --- definition of #legacy - your comments are WELLcomed!

Access: Legacy Decoded Exploring the Extraordinary Words of the Legacy Definition 

Articles from Others

Love and Limerence:
The Forgotten Psychologist Dorothy Tennov's Revelatory Research into the Confusions of Bonding

Wellth Blog Post November 30, 2021

Additional Insights

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