November 16, 2021 

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Images x 7 that start with the phrase "Legacy is a gifted _?_; 

Image of 10 action-outcome insights about moving forward; 

Articles x 2 for personal development linked to Possibility and Life-Advice; 

Video x 2 on legacy intention as lived by Dr. Ulwyn Pierre and Cindy DeJager; 

Article about Ethical Values and Mentoring from IMC  

Legacy... is about the useful whats that you gift others so they can learn something from your lived experience. 

Each Tuesday(ish), you can read - watch - share the images, GIFs, videos, and product - process - project - program updates shared over the past week or forthcoming.

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November 9, 2021 

Legacy Project Updates November 9, 2021, Facilitative Mentoring

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Blog Post November 9, 2021 Legacy Project
Legacy 2022 Project Considerations

Okay, it's November 2021 and January 2022 is around a few corners... this got me thinking, as I hope for you as well. What about your legacy approach in 2022. Do you have a legacy project in your heart? Do you require assistance in making it happen?

Course available: to learn your legacy intention words for the world, with the planet, and from the whole

November 10, 2021

A reminder - a simpler reminder --- of a life well-lived --- a wellthy life - a wellthy-wealthy life... And, so it continues each day as you greet another sun ))smiles --- Legacy Decoded, Legacy Intention

Ethical Values Mentoring

When Mentors Use These 7 Ethical Values They Get Extraordinary Mentoring Results: 

7 Ethical Values, 5 Dilemmas, 5 Insights, 5 Steps to the beginning of Ethical Decision-Making all in one article - wiping brow!

November 11, 2021

Legacy has you gift your lived experiences to those who care to listen. In return, whose stories are you listening to as you make your decisions for action outcomes? IT matters!

Legacy Gift Stories Decisions

Cindy DeJager from Opal Rising Magazine and Opal Writers Magazine shares her Legacy Intention insights...

For the Video Series in support of the Legacy Intention Course at WELLth Movement
TU, Cindy!

November 12, 2021

Are you walking your gifted #legacy path_
As you experience feeling joy?
As you experience singing from your heart?
As you experience dancing with your soul?

I am, you can! The feeling, singing, &  dancing in living from the legacy you intend to share & leave is available NOW!

Listen to Dr. Ulwyn Pierre share insights about legacy and legacy intention as she celebrates with me the opening of the FREE Legacy Intention Course (until Dec 15th, 2021)

The course:

November 13, 2021

When you decide to move forward... here are 9 action-outcome statements to guide the path. The +1 statement is "Decide to Move Forward" ))smiles

10 Legacy Action Steps
Legacy Gift Sound Presence

Saturday Vibes --- I do think and feel that resonance, sound, and note make sense this morning as I share this image-words. Legacy is in you to gift!

November 14, 2021

A General Theory of Possibility: The Abstract Art of Otherwise and the Physics of Resilience

When Your Parents Are Dying: Some of the Simplest, Most Difficult and Redemptive Life-Advice You'll Ever Receive
This article is for your consideration of the #legacy you intend to share and leave.

Legacy can be a moment, a minute, a day, a week, a month-related event - today, consider a minute as you read this message!

Enjoy the action you decide for the outcomes you need, want, and desire. Onward!

FREE Course: 

Legacy Gift Tomorrow Today

November 15, 2021

Your legacy approach for the world can be experienced as a handshake.

Before you are persons seeking to develop a connection or welcome you to the continuing relationship.

The handshake requires you to spend some attentive time and effort (maybe $) to make IT happen!

Legacy Gift Handshake Attention

November 16, 2021

Of the companions who travel with you, ensure you say thank you and tickle some of them behind the ears (you know who))smiles

Legacy is a wonderful and wonderful tenet of living an extraordinary life. Embrace it! Explore It! Know IT!

Legacy Gift Companions Reminders
Blog Post November 16, 2021

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