December 25, 2021

Legacy Project Decisions Using Walking as a Source of Wandrous Insights

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Walking is Wonderful for Your Heart and Soul as It is Wanderous for Your Head and Mind. . .Especially When You Are Working on Your Legacy Project and Your Walking Takes Place Where Nature Infusions Your Being-Having-Doing

There are many walking paths near my house. 

Each brings meaning to me. In their combinations, I experience ideas, insights, and interpretations for being well and living well. That is why I walk daily. . .and today, as I write this post, the wind-chill is -36degC, the sun shines, and the ice crstals dance on the wind.

On my desk, within the written notes and on the computer screen, my legacy project is front and center. I'm deep in learning how to publish The Noteworthy Legacy journals, notebooks, and planners. Another day I explain more ))smiles

And it's nearing the time for my afternoon walk. Albeit the dog and I will make it short. So I best finish this post! 

Legacy Approach While Walking With Nature

During these walks, my legacy projects come to my head and heart. As I wander, I am wondering what answers will arrive for the questions I'm asking during the walk. This approach has served me well over the years. 

Walking has

  • loosen the shackles of unneeded relationships, 
  • dispensed the routines of unwise structures, and
  • removed the blinders of untenable strategies. 

In turn, walking has opened me to possibilities and opportunities via thoughts and feelings that arrived because

  • the wind whispered words to me, 
  • the birdsongs caught my attention beyond the immediate, and 
  • the clouds presented a shape worth noting for later. 

Legacy Branches

On these walks are trees. Their branches are covered in snow and frost today. In the summer, their branches hold strong their leaves and needles.

Legacy has 5 branches for the seasons of life. Each branch originates from the trunk called legacy that is rooted in living. 

Your LIFE in the sense of all that you be-have-do through the profitability of well-living and the movement of well-being in contribution to your Legacy. 

Your LEADERSHIP-Leading to guide you and other persons to make wise decisions about Being-Having-Doing a legacy that acknowledges, advances, and amplifies YOU. 

Your LEGAL aspects of life through your self-governance and ethical interactions with others while maintaining all legal requirements to live your legacy and in preparation for leaving your legacy.

Your Literacy of the hierarchy of values that are helpful, useful, and eventful in being FOR the World (your kin, humanity), WITH the Planet (all other kin), and FROM the Whole (including those who've not arrived yet).

Your Loverage as you embrace the love and rage of being fully human, and as you welcome your lovers through the ages in being natural.

You witness these five branches --- in their various forms and functions everyday - just as you see the various tree branches on your walks. For more on the five Legacy Branches go here.

The Importance of Walking

Walking (I believe) makes you happy. With this happiness your awareness enlivens. You can set intentions and meet the day with the associated attentions.

And not to forget, walking can reduce illness risk, increase heart health, maintain a healthy weight, and invigorate the muscles and joints. 

More so, in light of the Legacy Branches above, Walking as an experience and process adds the following 5 "R"-related words to the benefit list for walking and your legacy project.

  1. Resilience is about your ability to arise from the crises you experience so that you are in a better position than before the crises. More so, you did not enter dysfunction as you moved through the experience of the crises. Resilience is an additive, if not multiplier of your essence of living Life and contributes to your Legacy Values!
  2. Resourcefulness is about your readiness, ability, and willingness to meet the hinders and helps of managing and leading your legacy project with what what you know and do now, and what you are learning to know and do as the days unfold. About Leadership and Legacy Challenges!
  3. Relevance is about your determination of what is important and satisfying for your legacy project through three lenses: (1)) seriousness; (2)) urgency; and, (3)) growth. About Legal requirements and Legacy Project!
  4. Rescription is about reviewing your legacy project-story through a wholehearted lens on your terms and in the words of those you involved as contributors and recipients. About Legacy Stories and Literacy!
  5. Regeneration is about the spiritual (rather than biological) restoration of being fully human, being natural, and being planetary as expressed through Legacy Contributions and Loverage. 

The reference to Legacy Values, Challenges, Project, Stories, and Contributions is described and explained here and here.

In Closing - A Suggestion

When you mix the 5 R's with the 5 Branches you can Live From the Legacy You Intend to Share and Leave.

As the weeks and months unfold, return to this blog/vlog to learn more.
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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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