May 23, 2016

Legacy as Connection Currency 

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Connection Currency

As you establish and sustain well-living relationships during #YourNextFifty, you have “Connection Currency.”

Life_legacy connection currencyWith and through your various well-living relationships
you mutually guide each other to be your best for the world.

This connection currency is especially worthwhile as you create the well-living workplace with your staff, volunteers, and customers.

Mentoring and Facilitating

As you mentor them … they can tap into your lived experience.
As you do with them!
As you facilitate them … you strengthen their involvement in projects.
And draw enthusiasm for your involvement.

As you mentor and facilitate others you serve as a guide on their ride
as they see, feel and experience the well-living workplace.

Result of Your Connection Currency

Those you touch everyday will experience
the importance of your life leadership legacy.
And you’ll see their legacy development
as they will take up the mantle you shared.
In this way your life leadership legacy continues to grow.

connection currencyMoving Forward

To weave together Connection Currency
and the well-living workplace
click on Well-Living Workplace Experience
to get started …

Of consideration … the challenge is to engage a group at a size
and level that stretches you and the participants.

In closing …

Always and in all ways we’re committed to keeping it simple and consistent.

And we’re open to your suggestions …

Let’s have some fun together sharing stories
about connection currency
as you guide well-living workplace relationships.

Make it a wellthy day,

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Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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