December 11, 2021

Legacy Approach Legacy Tenets Alchemy Rescription

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The Alchemist Way of Moving Your Life Legacy Fromward When You Rescript Your Legacy Approach

The Alchemist Way of Moving Your Life Legacy is framed by your intention to set your decision-action-outcomes for moving fromward (that is, moving forward from the future). 

Adding to this insight. . .An alchemist in the modern world practices the "transmutation" of something into something else that is considered of more value (worth, truth, utility) for self and/or with others. 

Rather than turning lead into gold, it's about moving the formless from the field into the form for a system. As you think of something (from the formless) you give it thingness (the form). Then it's "So What? What Else? Now What?" to determine if "it" stays or leaves! 

From Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist, I extracted 21 Life Legacy Insights you can use to practice alchemist transformation. 

Now. . .I extend this article using a Legacy Decoded lens. These 21 insights are "more" useful-helpful-eventful today than ever before. Think of this post as an expansion, an extension of the earlier Legacy-Alchemy post with you developing your Legacy Approach using the 5 Legacy Tenets.

Life Legacy Loverage

Legacy Approach

Along your legacy pathway, you decide to experience your action-outcomes from an Avoidance or Approach perspective. 

Avoidance has you walk-run away from what is hindering you. In doing so, you experience more of what is not working and lessens the possibility of learning what necessitates a legacy life. 

Whereas when you use an Approach perspective you move into what is hindering you using a helping lens to improve, focus, and strengthen your potentiality for the presenting opportunities. You experience gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty.  

Then, you are positioned to use the 5 Legacy Tenets.

Legacy Tenets

The Legacy Tenets available to you from the Alchemist's Living Life Book are:
"Think of them like a dashboard you use - the recipe you follow - to some particular outcome."

In mixing them together. . .like an alchemist does to explore and discover the magic of what results. . .you highlight the experiences of living your life legacy. 

Values in the sense of what you determine is of worth, truth, and utility for you and when you interact with others

Challenges as in the identification of the issues (hindering and/or helping) and managing the initiatives to deal with the issues in your words on your terms. With the extra reminder, to involve others in your legacy project - while you have to deal with the issues in your words - you have to share your asks in the words of those you want/desire to involve. 

Project(s) is the intention-outcome you've selected to alchemize legacy for self and with others. You can see the whole project and/or you can see the whole sub-projects. Using the ever present "either and/or but lens" you move forward in ways that make sense to you and those you involve. 

Stories inspirit the conversation of what matters as you share the stories (as educator) for those who listen to the story (the learner). 

Contributions are the observed - measured outcomes you and others experience. Often, it's your contributions when viewed by those benefitting from your outcomes/results that will call them gifts. Whereas you experience your contributions as gifts, it's when others experience your gifts and they call them GIFTS that you in pursuit of your life legacy. This nuance ups how you experience you!


Like any dashboard you use - like an recipe you follow --- you can experience non-success all the way to success.

Let me offer the following: Know the rules! Trust the Rules! Break the Rules! (Shawn Duperon talking about media relations). 

This phrase applies to Life Legacy - being an alchemist - until such time as you rejig the dashboard and/or edit the recipe. 

Now, you've moved from the given script to rescripting the Legacy Approach you'll follow via the Legacy Tenets you dynamically balance as you mix them together so you can Live From the Legacy You Intend to Share and Leave.


Dr. Stephen Hobbs

Writer - Walk with Nature as My Educator
- Share the Legacy I Intend to Live

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