Legacy Agora

Legacy Agora

Become immersed in evidence-based learning and experience-based educating to 

  • Frame your Project Ecosystem
  • Outline your Project MAPPs
  • Decide on your Project Pathway
  • Prepare your Project Blueprints and Landscapes
  • Ground Yourself in Being You
  • Manage the Development of the Project
  • Manage Implementation of Phase 1 of your Project

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Research Letter Legacy SoloAging
Research Letter Legacy SoloAging
Research Letter Legacy SoloAging
Agers Insights

What are your biggest frustrations about SoloAging connected with Legacy
What is your biggest fear about discovering, shaping, and/or sharing your Legacy as a SoloAger?
If you searched Google or YouTube about Decoding Legacy While SoloAging Confidently, what search terms would you use?
What resources - courses, webinars, books, and videos - have you read-watched on these topics? (Titles are appreciated, Links more so)
Of the resources you purchased... name it/them, your investment was, and what was missing?
Who are SoloAgers you are following? And why?
How much would you invest in a course to learn why & how to Decode Legacy While Aging Confidently?
If you could wave a magic wand and create a course/resources that delivered everything you need to learn-know-do on this topic, what are 3 core subjects you would include?
Is there anything you’re struggling with as you SoloAge?

Alternatively, you are here to explore the Suggested "Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator" program - course and more resources. Wonderful - Read on. 

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Available January 15, 2024

Discovering and Shaping the
Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator Course with Mentor Packages

Sharing early thoughts - remember it's a DRAFT!

11 Week Cohort Course - Online

Confident SoloAger Legacy Navigator

Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator

The "Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator" course fuses the concepts of SoloAging, Age Confidently, and Legacy Decoded into a powerful approach for your consideration. 

This course is a guide through the journey of aging independently while crafting a legacy that leaves an enduring impact. With a deep understanding of the challenges and triumphs that come with SoloAging, this course weaves together the importance of movement and mentoring as ways to develop and follow your age confidence approach. 

You become an informed navigator for your next fifty transitions. You discover your legacy intention and outline a legacy project that honors your life's journey. 

The Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator course uses “actionist” and “advocate” concepts and practices to encourage individuality, resilience, and self-discovery while making soloaging experiences ones of wonderment, empowerment, and meaning for all involved.

Starting __/|\__ seeking 13 soloaging celebrants and weavers (soloagers) to join the 11 week course. 

Join us to get crystal clear on the EXACT STEPS you can follow right now to Live and Leave Your Legacy Project.
*CLICK HERE* to book a FREE Confident SoloAging Legacy Navigator strategy call. The call gives you a chance to meet Dr. Stephen Hobbs, the course creator and program facilitative-mentor.

Mentor Packages

Coffee Mugs Mentor

Mentoring 1to1 (a Group of 2 or 3) Package

We can deliver the course - outlined to the left as is or adapted to your needs - in a 1to1, 1to2, and 1to3 formats depending on your requirements. We can stretch or lessen the time schedule. 

Flexibility is available if your preferred learning style would benefit from this package. We activate 3-5 of these mentoring packages in every month.

Before purchasing a Mentoring package,
consider the Free Strategy Call... 

One Hour Review Package... you are in the flow and have a few questions to ask us. A refund is available if you cancel the call. You miss the call, you can re-book. 

5 Hour "Coffee/Tea" With Package... in 10-30 minutes and/or 5-60 minutes. This package is available over three months. There are no refunds for this package.  

If you have something else in mind, book a 30 minute Strategy Call (above) to discuss your request. It's the fastest way to move forward! 

There are 5 Tenets of Legacy Decoded Dashboard:

  • Legacy Value
  • Legacy Challenge 
  • Legacy Project
  • Legacy Story
  • Legacy Contribution
Legacy Dashboard

Legacy Value -
within - situate -

There are values that frame who you are and what you do. Knowing them with gratitude provides ways of knowing your history & knowing your mystery - so you can be present! There are morals (up to your skin) as there are ethics (from your skin out)!

Legacy Challenge - without - learn - MENTOR

From Living Your Legacy Life you can identify the challenges that garner your presence. Then you can move forward in response to those challenges as you create your Ecosystem Blueprints and Landscapes. They are the ways and means of deciding to be with others!

Legacy Project - between - decide - CELEBRANT

As you interact with others, you live from your legacy as others do with you. You both get to know one another. You decide who you keep around and those you ask to leave. You inspire your legacy project with appreciation & celebration with those you care to share.

Legacy Story - together - action - WEAVER

In working in small groups and/or community-wide activities, you bring persons together using action-outcomes that make sense to those who walk-run-skip with you. The enthusiasm of your voice, authority, mastery, & position is the beacon of well-living. 

Legacy Contribution - beyond - outcomes - NAVIGATOR

The ripples you set in motion have small and large implications. Often, without you knowing where and when, why and how, and who with. And yet, the cause you set in motion is just in its arrival & continuance when you gift the certainty of your lived experience.

Possibility Exists in Every Greeting, Especially When You Describe & Explain
Your Legacy Value| Challenge | Project | Story |Contribution 

We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you live from your legacy today. 

Legacy is in you to gift!

The 5 Give to Get statements
in the blue box
are an outcome of
your willingness
to "loverage" your legacy story.

Get Perspective 
Get Clear
Get Support
Get Results
Get Movement/Profit

To be super clear ...
* What I bring to our handshake is 40+ years of accumulating experience across a variety of industries nationally and internationally. During this time, I've developed a network of amazing consultants, instructors, facilitators, mentors and coaches who we collectively call WELLthers.
* I do not have all the answers ... considering the moving variables at play, both personally and professionally. Therefore, I draw from the WELLthers. I tap into their insights and tools & techniques. Often, I ask for their direct involvement.
* You access our concepts and practices through the website blog, books, webinars, workshops, courses, masterminds, retreats, etc.
* Some resources are free and we priced the rest for the outcomes you realize. 
* And we encourage you to create your wise practices and inspired standards from what we make available. That is, "Adopt and Adapt - Then Practice" what we have to share in ways that make sense for you.
* AND we can learn from you as well. Possibility Exists in Sharing a Peer Handshake!  

Dr. Stephen Hobbs ...
CEO WELLth Movement 

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Mentoring NOW

Mentor Within, Mentoring Without

Establish the baseline understating of Mentoring, Mentor, Mentorship for your everyday use as you share the legacy you intend to leave. 


Available as Paperback.
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Mentoring NOW - Discover & Shape Your Mentoring Approach. Mentor Within, Mentoring Without - 42 Actions You Bring to Experiencing Your Life as an Elder, Mentor.