Leadership Legacy Actions In Your Workplace

It’s When YOU

  1. support people taking risks individually and within groups …
  2. recognize all people within the organization whose work is important to your accountability …
  3. share your requirements and requests for career advancement through demonstration of your competence …
  4. communicate the “advance excellence” story over and over again …
  5. use a learning focus to further  peoples’ willingness to live their great lives …
  6. speak the truth, worth and utility within the story used to explain, describe and prescribe what’s next …
  7. match recognition with each person’s hierarchy of values …
  8. encourage ethical decision making to guide interactions when things go sideways on your watch …
  9. illuminate the greatness of the work in light of the intended outcome for those served by the work …
  10. move at the speed of trust and transparency to focus the intention of your organization of great work

Which one of these action statements blinks at you like a neon sign because you are doing it?
Which one is blinking because you’re not doing it?
So what, now what and what else are you going to do today with the answers to these two questions.
Hint: Use one to leverage the other – enjoy!

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Appreciate your comments and stories as well.

Make it a wellthy day …


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