Life and Leadership Legacy: 28 Practical Ways to Invigorate Your Legacy Contributions With a Smile

leadership legacy familyLeadership Legacy is about the union of today’s outcomes from yesterday’s decisions with how you want to live today and be remembered tomorrow.

Leadership Legacy is about your influence, the story thread you share.

It’s about how others experience you living your leadership legacy.

As you fully express your leadership legacy people will be drawn to you. They’ll sense you have something profound and magical to share that they want to tap into.

And what they are tapping into is your lived experience. They’ll be questioning how you “did done do it”?

You Response:

Step Up, Stay Found, Share Wisdom, Shine Light

Step Up –

  • communicate from your commitments
  • demonstrate courage in sustaining commitments
  • move willingly to the next level from where you are now

Stay Found –

  • remain present
  • demonstrate responsive listening and speaking
  • interact with people so they can learn from you

Share Wisdom –

  • remain educative
  • demonstrate an Ask-Share-Ask approach through mentoring and facilitating
  • encourage the involvement of others to share their lived experience

Shine Light –

  • celebrate you leadership legacy
  • demonstrate willingness to act in service with others
  • ensure no one passes by without thanks and a smile

9 CrayonsColouring In Your Life Legacy Journal

In order to fulfill these four actions, it’s important to identify and observe your life values in action.

You have a unique set of values associated with work, voluntarism, health and leisure. These values highlight the story you share by expressing your leadership legacy.

It’s though your values you consciously and non-consciously express your life and leadership. You lean into and express a combination of values unique to you. Some values are your strengths when in service to yourself and others. Other values challenge and create opportunities for exploration and discovery of being you for the world. There is something to learn everyday!

Leadership Legacy as a Professional at Work

As an executive, employee, entrepreneur, volunteer, etc. when you take responsibility to get the work done, even without assigned authority, you share your leadership legacy. In doing so you contribute the work people would miss if you were gone.

In your Next Fifty – Second Fifty – Third Act some inkling is growing about what do before you depart your workplace. You could mentor, facilitate and/or coach the creation of the well-living workplace. Because of your lived experience you have ideas, tips, tools and techniques to share about what works and what does not work.

Leadership Legacy as a Grandparent or Foster-Grandparent

Life Legacy ChildAs grandparents, share your enthusiasm and curiosity for life. In doing so you lead your grandkids to value all aspects of life. That is, they learn from your successes and mistakes just as you guide them to learn from their successes and mistakes.

They watch. They learn from your lived experience. They listen to your stories and those you read from others you trust.

You are an important educator in the lives of your grandkids. You are one of a few they can trust to gain insight into the meaning of life. They create the foundation for ethical decision-making. They begin to live from their hierarchy of values with consciousness.

As a grandparent you interact at the crossroads of your grandchildren’s decisions for years and years. Therefore, become a mentor or facilitator to guide them along their journey. Assist them in creating a leadership legacy foundation.

Life and Leadership Legacy

Fully express your leadership legacy as you demonstrate what it means to Step Up, Stay Found, Share Wisdom and Shine Light.

And do so with a smile. It’s amazing how contagious your smile can be.

Legacy is for giving. Legacy is in you to share!

Make it a wellthy day …

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

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