December 31, 2021

Interview with Doug Lawrence about You Are Not Alone Book

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December 29, 2021 

Doug Lawrence - Director Education/Outreach with IMC - shares his insights about and from his latest book "You Are Not Alone."

In it, he highlights the important connection between mental health and mentoring. He shares stories and encourages persons to step into serving mentors - there is a need!

Access the book on Amazon:
You Are Not Alone

Content highlights in this video:

  • The Intention of the Book 
  • The Audience for the Book
  • Author's BackStory
  • Shared Tips, Tools, Techniques
  • Why Mentoring is not Counselling

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With Doug Lawrence, Director Education & Outreach

Mentoring Defined: Mentoring is a two-way trusted relationship where the mentor and mentee are both going to learn and grow on a personal and professional basis. The self-statements:

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