October 5, 2022

Important Mentoring Tools and Techniques for Mentor

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What are Important Tools and Techniques for Mentoring?

00:00 Introduction 

02:43 Mentoring Definition
Link to tools and techniques

Tools and Techniques a Mentor can use when mentoring
Helpful if the mentee learns them as well 

06:10 2 Broad Action-Outcomes:

Manage the impact of personal bias on mentoring arrangement

Manage diverse perspectives within the mentoring arrangement

11:26 Tips 

- word phrase (When you listen, you learn - what are your examples?) 

- visual reminders (colored sticky notes, one color for you, one color for the mentee, one color for the ripple effect)  

- behavior prompts (talking too much-pull sleeve)

13:47 Tools 

- pen or pen, colored? 

- tablet - phone

14:54 Techniques 

- log book entries

- journal (notebook)

- use of videos 

- confidentiality

18:20 Technologies 

- software - tracking

- software - pairing 

- use of search engines

21:50 */\ Transition - transaction, transformation, transcendence 

- for reasons of, select a combination of the other 4 for the outcome 

- safety considerations from mentee’s perspective 

24:01 __7 Layered Action-Outcomes

24:42 1) ) Use a question and answer approach in the mentoring arrangement

- handout

- article - blog post - check source:

26:54 2)) Use a hierarchy of values approach to support the mentoring arrangement- assessment form online or printed

- facilitated by you - check source:

27:41 3)) Use a principle-centered negotiation approach when conflict arises in the mentoring 

arrangement (*fundamental truth, chain of reasoning - apply action-outcome statements)- determine shared process when conflict arises - agree on process

29:29 4)) Use feedback, feed-forward, and feed-fromward appropriate to the situation

- learn the techniques for immediate use whether singularity or in combinations- check correct use through personal reflections and asking the mentee 

31:56 5)) Use reflective practices for formative evaluation

- learn how to reflect in and reflect on

- learn reminder prompts (trigger words) 

- determine forms - location of storage - technologies (confidentiality)

35:11 6)) Use collaborative conversations to support the mentoring arrangement

- position conversations to ensure assertiveness and cooperation 

- consider the action-outcomes above to sustain-scale relational arrangement 

37:46 7)) Use collaborative conversation for summative evaluation

- determine process for marker/close evaluation

- determine forms - location of storage - technologies (confidentiality) 

- position conversations to ensure assertiveness and cooperation 

- consider the action-outcomes above to sustain-scale relational arrangement 


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