March 24, 2022

Importance of Routine and Ritual for Extraordinary Mentoring

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What are 5 Required Tips to Master Storytelling with Mentees - for mentees - because of mentees?

Topics Covered

What is the connection, competition, and collaboration between routine and ritual? 
02:38 Connection - attitude - event ---- in laying bricks - building a wall, building a cathedral
04:07 Competition - effort --- setting them up - make a point, invite consideration - feelings investment
05:10 Collaboration - necessary to spice up the mentoring --- connecting the mentoring arrangement and the mentoring relationship

06:04 Practical example:
Walking the dog in the morning (20 minutes) - look at the weather forecast - get dressed for the weather - same loop, head down - make it happen --- and the dog makes it happen
Sometimes before I leave the house which direction, can I wear shorts - these ?s adjust what I wear, what I carry with me, time allotment up to 2 hours 

10:30 routine = a set of actions regularly followed -- fixed
writing in your log book after the mentoring session 
intentionality - same result
structure for relationship
similar rhythm
deliberate practice
autopilot, do it
Wake up ----
Drive to/from work the same way
Meet in the same place
"treasure hunter, mechanic, the navy 

17:57 ritual = action arising from convention - celebration -- variable
recognizing something happening around you, you weave into the mentoring time & season shift 
deeper meaning
intentionality - vary outcome
relationship for arrangement
rhythm varies
visualize it, then doing it
Wake up and add an affirmation ----
Go for a walk and share
Drive to/from work in different ways
"explorer, organic, pirates 

25:20 Habit
non-conscious behaviours-based
doesn't require "special" effort to complete
Journaling a new idea
Switch off screens 30 minutes before bedtime 

26:37 Routine = good
Ritual = great
Knowing which one for the time (effort, money) = extraordinary

Some elements to guide your use of routine & ritual for extraordinary mentoring: 

27:29 Resilience - crises - enter, find a way through, end up in a better place because of your way forward - & you did not enter dysfunction along the way

29:40 Resourcence - your use of time, effort (money) - KSA with practice what you have available to achieve something Available for co-creating - value co-creation

31:55 Reciprocity - exchange for mutual benefit - exchanging resources

35:15 Reliability - degree to which the result is accurate - dependable - giving the same result

36:12 Relevance - being closely connected - what is appropriate - importance, significance

38:44 Rapport - close and harmonious relationship - communicate well - understand each other's feelings3

9:15 Respect - feeling of admiration because abilities, qualities, achievements - paying attention to the person

39:58 Reward - external (outside in) acknowledgement of effort - achievement --- has a tangible link (plaque) - see the result

40:20 Recognition - acknowledgement of something that exists (inside out) --- thank you internalized - see the person

41:25 Resonance - feeling of naturalness - sharing the hum (not at odds) - lasting effect

45:14 Q: What is it like being a mentor?
A: For me it has been a life changing experience as I have grown just as much as the people, I spend time with in a mentoring relationship. Seeing the growth in someone else is the most rewarding experience that you could ask for. Whether I am a mentor, a great mentor, or an extraordinary mentor what I put into the relationship I will certainly get back & then some. I have found that I am a better communicator as a result of being a mentor. I am better at building & maintaining relationships as a result of being a mentor. I value trusted relationships a lot more than I ever did before. An extraordinary mentor is one that will ask you questions to guide you to the answers. They won’t be telling you what the answers are as they want to watch your critical thinking skills grow. All of these things are what my deeper, richer mentoring experience has brought me. You need to embrace the “gift of mentoring!”

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