Written by Stephen Hobbs

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humor workplaceWith your organization of work, “Are you looking – experiencing – the lighter side of work?” 

That is, are you leveraging the four definitions of light?

light is to illuminate – light the path

light is to reduce burden – lighten the load

light is to ground yourself – archaic use of light as in to light from the horse

light is to laugh – humour/humour

And so … about Humor Workplace Insights:

Finding humor, engaging in laughter is linked

* with improving productivity

* with enhancing creativity

* with finding new perspectives for problem solving

* with sharing an expression of hope

* with gaining control over negative perceptions – reactions, frustrations

* with coping with change and transition

And consider

When faced with a challenge:

What is funny with this challenge?  ___

My challenge is ___, on the brighter side I see ___

My ‘punchy’ perspective on this challenge is ___

By exaggerating/understating the challenge, I’m saying ___

And yet

1. Err on the side of caution with humour

2. Be alert to humour as a pick me up

3. Use practical jokes sparingly

4. Avoid cynical humour about the workplace

5. Poke fun at yourself in a gentle way

6. Ensure consent for ‘dark humour’

7. Consider feedback about sharing your humor, and incorporate the ideas

For years we created simply serious fun activities we wove into extraordinary experiences for clients. We appreciate the value of humor workplace connections.

Yours for the wellth of it,


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First Published WELLthBlog.com, May 2014