Written by Stephen Hobbs

Literacy Legacy Spheres of LifeTen Literacy Spheres of Life … Weaving Them Together to Fully Express Your Literacy Legacy

Your literacy and legacy are forever woven together. They are inseparable as they are essential to every idea you share, every step you take, every experience you loverage – love to leverage.

At its core, Literacy Legacy is about ethically expressing and demonstrating your hierarchy of values. 

It’s about how you loverage 10 interactive life spheres.

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Legacy and Literacy Legacy

Literacy is most often associated with reading, writing and arithmetic. All are essential foundations for fully expressing who you are becoming through your words and actions.

However, to enlarge and expand your work, your life …

It’s important to add the
concepts and practices
of literacy to your life and
leadership legacy.

In doing so,
you explore and discover

a new and robust way of
living from your legacy via
your hierarchy of values.

A life filled with freedom
and fun

Hierarchy of Values

Your values express what is of worth, truth and useful for your life. And there is a hierarchy associated with your value list.

The resources you make available every day is assigned to expressing your values in living your great life, creating well-living workplaces and co-creating the well-living world.

Because of your values you decide into your future. The more conscious you are of your hierarchy, the more insightful you are in the ethical actions you take and the words you share.

10 Interactive Spheres of Life

Your hierarchy of values is drawn from the 10 interactive spheres of life.

You assign your resources of “time, effort and money” to a combination of these spheres as an expression of your hierarchy of values.

In alphabetical order:

  1. Ecological – nature and humanity
  2. Familial – family and close friends
  3. Financial – money and assets
  4. Mental – consciousness and thinking
  5. Philanthropy – giving and receiving
  6. Physical – body including sleep, diet
  7. Social – acquaintances and work colleagues
  8. Spiritual – higher order beliefs and inspiration
  9. Vocational – career and work
  10. Wholism (Holism) – perspective and language

For additional information on the Spheres of Life and Hierarchy of Values I recommend Dr. John Demartini. He dives deeply into his 7 Areas of Life through his Prophecy 1 course and offers an Assessment of Values on his website.

Hierarchy, Spheres, Values and Life

literacy legacy Ambrose SamluskiFrom this list 2-3 of these spheres serve as primary indicators of your literacy legacy. It’s these spheres you nurture and feed in being you for the world via your life legacy and leadership legacy.

The other spheres are secondary and receive your attention as needed or required.

Whatever combination you use is neither right nor wrong. It’s about what works for you. It’s the time, effort and money you place within, without, between and together that expands their truth, worth and usefulness to your life.

In an ideal world, living your legacy from all 10 spheres would be exciting. Does such a possibility exist? Cases can be made.

You and Your Literacy Legacy

Whatever your combination, it is uniquely yours. And as such, deserves celebration. Equally, your awareness of new possibilities as they arrive and/or you courageously take steps to learn and action other spheres like the explorer you are requires celebration.

When you ethcially voice and behave from your primary spheres you gift yourself freedom, fulfillment and fun. Your strengths lie within a combination of your hierarchy of values and spheres of life.

Your hierarchy of values unfolds your spheres of life.
Your spheres of life inform your hierarchy of values.
They are complementary like two sides of the same coin.
To have one is to have the other.

Leverage Your Strengths

With this awareness, you can invite others to journey with you. Help one another to live your legacy stories together.

Foundational to this collaborative journey are strengths-based community concepts and practices that show up in well-living workplaces and the well-living world.

Once YOU know your literacy strengths cascading from your hierarchy of values, share them as your literacy legacy.

The world, your workplaces, your communities are in need of more people stepping up into their literacy legacy stories. Serve as an example! Share your strengths with those who add their complementary strengths.

In doing so WE can create and work on bigger events and issues.

Image of trees/mountain = Ambrose Samluski

Make it a wellthy day,

Legacy signature Stephen Hobbs

Moving Forward Together

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