Flow Experiences and Experience-based Learning and Educating - Brief reminder of the importance of both to your organization of work.

Over the months and years to follow, I’ll share insights about Flow, Flow Experiences, and Extraordinary Experiences (EX2) – suggesting the importance of all for making a movement and creating the well-living workplace …

Other topics include:

  • involve your customers in delivery extraordinary customer experiences 

  • engage your employees in extraordinary employee experiences 

  • awaken your leadership and manage your organization of work using flow experiences 

  • and so, so much more …  

I’ll tap into the work of  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
And many more …

I’ll share from my writing as well …
Here is a quote from the book Creating the Well-Living Workplace …

"I know ‘shift happens’ in my mental capacity. I welcome these shifts because it means I am alive. Being alive means I am learning. This learning is what keeps me present in what is happening for myself and with others. Returning to my earlier reference to organizations, they are moving. Vision and values shift. Structures and systems shift. People and connections shift. From this perspective, I am on a journey with everyone with whom I work. The language of this book mirrors this place, this reality.” (Hobbs, 2010, pg.13-14)


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Stephen Hobbs, EdD is from Calgary, AB and founder of the WELLthMovement.com. Steve serves as an international consultant, author and amazing decision facilitator. He guides executives and established entrepreneurs to evolve delivery of extraordinary employee and/or customer experiences in their words. He has published books on topics like: live your great life, create well-living workplaces, co-create the well-living world, encourage heartfelt people connections, and navigate workplace culture as an extraordinary experience. He’s also a phenomenal thought-note speaker and philanthropist for children and trees. 




*** https://wellthmovement.com/book-hthy-manage-lead/ = 9 educating approaches 
https://wellthmovement.com/book-organization-work-manage-lead/ = quasi academic book – take apart for WBS curriculum 
https://wellthmovement.com/book-creating-well-living-workplace/ = 10 characteristics + insights 
https://www.smashwords.com/books/search?query=Stephen+Hobbs%2C+EdD = a series of five managing-leading related books – will add more 


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