March 31, 2022

Felt Mentoring Soul and Whole of Serving as a Mentor

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What is Felt Mentoring: The Soul and Whole of Serving as a Mentor

Topics Covered

01:16 Mentoring The Felt aspects of Extraordinary Mentoring to get there
Move through a conversation about soul - spirit - whole as it applies to mentoring - serving as a mentor
02:41 What is mentoring?
03:40 What is extraordinary mentoring?
04:29 Mentoring is an educating approach linked to leading
05:08 Serving as a guide on the ride
05:32 What does it mean to serve? To serve as a Mentor? serve - perform duties/services for another to be of use attend
06:19 complete (consider, convert)
07:18 Ment_or - expressing the means or result of an action to serve as mentor **or** use another form of educating approach
08:35 Men_tor - adult male_high rock/lofty hill Someone help you to get to the top - to move you along your journey
09:15 History: Mentor was the advisor to Odysseus' son Telemachus in Homer's Odyssey And, the goddess Athena was this male Mentor
10:32 What does the soul and the whole have to do with mentoring - extraordinary mentoring? Does spirituality play a part in mentoring?
11:35 Soul - immortal - immaterial essence of a human being
12:05 Spirituality - being concerned with the human soul as opposed to material things --- the field in which being human occurs
13:53 Appreciate the connection between spirituality and religion
14:34 Referencing spirituality without religion on this broadcast
14:50 Wholverse - instead of universe - suggesting the whole and more The whole person - the whole situation - the whole of the whole 15:37 Holism - human construct - formal inside-out
16:06 Wholism - galactic+ consideration - informal outside-in
17:25 Mentoring involves soul - spirituality - wholverse connections As a guide on the ride There is more to mentoring than the physical-mental interactions
18:17 While soul is difficult to touch - you seem to know when a person has soul - "an old soul"
18:41 Pixar movie - called Soul linked to mentoring
19:32 Unfortunately, we live in a time of feeling at odds with our soul -- with the NOISE
22:33 When you serve as a mentor your soul becomes present when you allow IT to become present - allow the feelings of soul enter your being and conversations
23:01 Your gifts are in you to gift
23:46 Let your genius meet the scenius with your mentees Let your mentee's genius meet the scenius with your mentor genius
24:55 Expressions of your soul Authenticity Depth, width, and breadth become apparent (deeper and richer)
25:44 Relate-ability
26:17 Arts infused ( use more than words-auditory)
27:06 Connect with the field of spirituality
27:20 Dreams and imagination awaken - equilibration (love, evolve) The wildness of soul - my story - nature causal and casual - shift U
29:30 The caring through soul - Doug's story - mental health scared and sacred - see A - words like acknowledge, advance amplify Mentoring takes into consideration immortal/immaterial soul of the human being
33:20 Mentoring considers the interactions between & together of the mentor and mentee, and its ripple effect --- Spirituality (the field) is the where and when the souls of human beings interact - where and when the souls of the mentor and mentee connect and interact
34:20 Instead of the five-sensory interactions ... mentoring involves multi-sensory interactions
34:30 Like a musician who connects with the soul/spirit/whole - the flow How can a mentor connect with the soul/spirit/whole - the flow The Spark - The Muse - The Great Wonderment Evolving
35:30 What is felt? fabric - fabric making (agitating wool with warm water under pressure) past tense of feel
37:50 Felt Mentoring - some characteristics ensure the mentor is easily observable share and show, not tell and sell engage on personal and professional levels stay found in the conversations and interactions listen responsively and attend consciously celebrate success that has meaning for the mentee weave the community of 2, and more invest in well-being and well-living of mentee (and self) demonstrate respect (courtesy, recognition, have regard for having KSA and RAW) encourage gratitude, presence, inspiration, enthusiasm, and certainty
46:00 Quora Question and Answer Q: As a supervisor or boss, how do you handle a worker who has issues at work? A: What some organizations have done is to bring in an external mentor to work with the employee to initiate behavioral changes for the positive. In all the situations that I have been involved in we have been successful in each and every one. In some cases, the issues were personal which translated into work place behavior challenges. In other situations, it was all about providing tools to assist in a positive behavior going forward. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not always the worker who needs guidance but it could also be the supervisor or boss.

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