It's time to MAPP, Manage, Monitor, Measure those pesky workplace issues ... 

Enough is enough of chasing after rainbows and doing things over and over again without moving forward! 

A question for you:

What is the best way to get business results, involve all stakeholders including the detractors and slackers, while you minimize the time, effort, and money requirements?

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It's a great question - one I've heard over and over again.

It's the question I asked myself as a 30+ year corporate executive and external consultant to executives, managers, and leaders.

Through the years I found and tested products and processes - I developed and delivered projects and programs. Each one was useful, and encouraged truth, trust, and transparency among the groups, teams, and organizations I managed and supported. 

Then, over the last 5 years I found an workable answer you can rinse and repeat
- whatever the external and internal socio-cultural, technological, economic, environmental, and political situation you find yourself
- whatever the type and location of your organization
- however, the one variable that still requires particular attention is the size of the organization; even then, I found a way to tackle this variable

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The cornerstone to MAKE IT happen:

When you listen you learn,

The way forward has you:

  1. Use a whole system - whole person approach for your organization of work 
  2. Create strategic maps and operational plans using action_outcome statements in the words of those involved
  3. Apply the decision indicators listed in the maps and plans 
  4. Apply facilitative mentoring to employee/customer learning and development
  5. Deal with Experience Queue Jumping
  6. Execute the assigned action_outcomes
  7. Ensure formative and summative evaluation 
work experiences

My commitment is to accelerate your identification and use of wise practices and inspired standards you deem necessary to answer the question above in the words of your stakeholders. 

We'll review your exiting tips, tools, techniques, technologies, and transitions you developed, deliver, and determine appropriate for your organization of work. 

I'll share what I've learned - including the tools and techniques I've developed. Together, we'll determine - of what I have available - what is useful to transfer in to maximize productivity and performance. 

As a guideline we'll use the sequence to the right ​as I offer Facilitative Mentoring of a Integrated Business Management System

You've build Vertical Business Management Systems - you can them silos!
What we doing together is to build and grow a business eco-system that strategically operates horizontally and tactically operates vertically.

I'm going to meet you where you are, listen and walk with you, offer you alternatives, so the path you walk has you encourage, control, and influence the involvement and evolvement of your stakeholders

Encourage - ask each person to have the courage to commit to the way forward
Control - ask each person to determine the quality of experience they assign to their work 
influence - ask each person about their hierarchy of values, and lead from this insight

Based on what you read to this point: 
I offer Facilitative Mentoring Services to
MAPP, Manage, Monitor, Measure
Your Workplace Issues 
with the outcome:

Minimize Hinder Issues and Maximize Help Issues 

Yes, there are help issues - those processes, projects, and programs that are working. How can you leverage them to lessen the hinder issues.

A win-grow for everyone. 

To move forward together,
here is a different kind of offer:

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Before you move on ...

What would it mean for you - personally and professionally -

  • to serve as an Inspired Practitioner 

  • who becomes a "Natural Educator"

  • to deliver Extraordinary Experiences

  • with your Community of Significance

  • using Eco-Ethical Architexture

  • as a way to ensure Movement and Profitability

for your organization?

Make sure you use the Contact Button to send me the book I selected and answer the questions I send you ...

Hi. WELLcome...

I'm Dr. Stephen Hobbs.

An eco-creator, entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist for children and trees.

An educator committed to your development and expression as a natural educator who delivers extraordinary experiences with your community of significance, in their words, on your terms so WE ALL ECO-CREATE THE WELL-LIVING WORLD.    

And he interacts with Wellthers - other inspired practitioners // eco-creators - who share their knowledge and skills through interviews, programs, and experiences with the WELLth Movement.

He has published 15 books, 4 academic level book chapters, magazine articles, and blog posts. He has developed and delivered 500+ workshops and online courses. Recently, he opened Wholversity, WELLth Movement's Learning and Educating Agora (a public, open space for dialogue & ethical decision making about the well-living workplace, mentoring, tree trekking, and evolving your legacy).

Also, click on About Us above for more about who we are and why/how we got here ))smiles 

What people are saying:

Jack Riley

Dr. Stephen Hobbs is much more of an artist as he weaves a tapestry of thought and action together into a seamless living piece of artwork...

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Stephen Hobbs as a partner in your work. His effectiveness, thinking, facilitation skills, and integrity are exceptional.

extraordinary employee experiences testimonial

John Higgins

Cervus Equipment

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