Facilitating wellness conversations supports your wellthy decision making ...

How? ... by identifying and dealing with what hinders and helps you about your health and wellness ...

And then, committing to doing more of what helps while rectifying what hinders. 

Each day you dynamically balance what hinders and helps you evolve your legacy, life, and leadership. 

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Facilitating conversations about health and wellness - for all aspects of your life - is a topic worth keeping in your conscious field of view. With it you gain insight into what is hindering your movement and profitability. And, what is helping your movement and profitability. 

Question for You

What is the status of your wellness and health?

5 Key Insights to Supporting Your Conversations about Wellthy Decision Making

  • facilitate your personal health hero approach because you are your best health advocate ... then find a health professional you can ask for assistance. Someone gaining traction in the online health hero space is Dr. Nandi - met him: a quality person; and then, there is your local family doctor
  • journal your health and wellness Activities - Behavior - Consequences ... what meaningful patterns do you recognize? e.g., this food seems to lead to this body/mind/soul/spirit response?; after my stretching activity I feel?; when I walk three times a week for 30 minutes or more how do my feet and lower legs feel and look like?  
  • research alternatives for your health hero approach - do not shun something before you value it's contribution to your live ... visit your local health show; visit a couple of health stores - ask the same questions of each - decide your path forward based on your research and asking your online or offline doctor
  • engage in health and wellness conversations with family & friends who are tracking their health hero approach ... maybe you can set-up a mastermind (what I call a mentorheart) to support your conversation (online and/or in person)
  • gain certification in one or more health hero modalities that you can practice with family and friends (e.g., I leaned Reiki 1 because I wanted to know what it was about) ... make sure to do your research while minding "Do no harm to self and others!"

A Final Thought

More so an observation, when I concentrate on what helps me facilitate wellness conversations it often eliminates many hindering blocks. Consider these ten action-learning steps

  1. Write down your intended Health and Wellness Imagined Future
  2. Write a list of what hinders your health and wellness approach in light of #1
  3. Write a list of what helps your health and wellness approach in light of #1
  4. Prioritize the Hinder and Help list (#2 and #3) 
  5. Action the "Help Priority list" [first] (#4)
  6. Review how/when/where the actions on #5 have helped you
  7. Check where the actions you've taken on the Help list (#6) have dealt with the Hinder list
  8. Action the revised Hinder Priority list (#7)
  9. Document your learning (throughout)
  10. Rinse and repeat # 1 through #9
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Onward ... 

In Closing Today's Blog about: Facilitating Wellness Conversations ...
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