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Extraordinary Work Insights

Here are 5 random - yet important - Extraordinary Work Insights You Wish You Knew for the whole system - whole person organization of work (WOW) especially during a business pivot.  

#1 ... Workplace Culture (and climate) 
A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead organizational - workplace culture.  

At minimum - read about workplace - organizational culture and its accompanying topic: organizational climate. 

There is culture - "about human interactions and the artefacts that result from those interactions" (WELLthMovement.com). 

The only accompanying word you can place with culture is its location like workplace culture, business culture, charitable culture, national culture, etc. 
Because there is no culture of "something" [safety, accountability, etc.]. 
There are movements of "something"!


#2 ... Imagined Futures and Current Realities
A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to explore and discover your Imagined Future and Current Reality informing your workplace - organizational culture. 

You work from Imagined Futures - those areas of work inside and/or outside the organization where you are called to map, manage, and measure wise use your organization and personal allocation of time, effort, and money.  

Current Realities identify your current responses to your organization of work (WOW). 

Where Imagined Futures is about intention; Current Realities is about attention; and together they are about your awareness of WOW.

#3 ... Groups, Teams & More
A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead groups, teams, and more. 

When one or more people gather to work on a task, they create a group. The form and function of the grouping is important to nurture and nourish the organization of work. 

To realize the intended action_outcomes, it's important to name the type of grouping correctly. If it's a group, call it a group. If it's a team, call it a team. If it's a committee, call it a committee. 

If a group is called a team and yet functions as a group - problems arise about expectations and commitments. While on the surface the naming seems immaterial, it's when "things" go sideways that the ethics are challenged. And unless dealt with sooner than later, the challenges sour the relationships affecting productivity and performance.

Words matter! And calling a grouping by is correct name (according to is operational form and function) is one of the best ways to ensure members get perspective and clarity for their involvement.

#4 ... Well-Living Workplace
A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to manage and lead the well living workplace - a place of work where people live and work well together. 

There are 10 key concepts/practices associated with creating a place of work where people enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy. They are: 

  • Lead from Vision … express your inspiring vision for others to follow as they guide each other along the well-living workplace path 
  • Listening-based management … listen how to advance and sustain engagement through inspiration (recognition) and motivation (reward) 
  • Network-based structure … recognize you manage and lead in an organizational structure called a network that has no center
  • People bring their uniqueness to their work … share agreement to create safe and original interactions through being you for the workplace
  • Balance between people, producing & profit … celebrate the people with whom you work as you perform and produce the outcome of profit 
  • Ethical and supportive behaviour … demonstrate use of workplace values to support the life purpose of each person involved (see video below) 
  • Culture of lifelong learning … leverage your formal, informal, and incidental lifelong learning approach for the benefit of everyone
  • Contribution to society … give back to the communities from which you draw your resources and employees
  • Balance among risk, fun & creativity … complete tasks with awareness of risk involved and the fun necessary to lighten the creative process
  • +1 People work in service for others … commit to being you for the organization through managing and leading involvement of everyone inside and outside the workplace

For an Internet search, an associated term is healthy organization... or, best place to work. 

To co-create well-living workplaces ethical and supportive behavior is one of ten key characteristics - video below:

#5 ... Management and Leadership
A business pivot benefits from your ability, readiness, and willingness to explore and discover the management and leadership approach you'll revise continuously - as you move forward - based on lived experience and adoption of new concepts/practices. 

Two of the best ways to stay abreast of management leadership tools and techniques are: 

  • mentor others within your grouping and external to your grouping, even from another organization or charitable group, and 
  • seek mentors with experience in managing and leading from within the organization and external to the organization.

You cannot have management without leadership and leadership without management. They are two sides of the same coin. 
For a coin to be a coin, it requires two sides. For the organization of work to flourish it needs management leadership, managing leading functionally complementarily.

In closing … 

These 5 Extraordinary Work Insights about your Organization of Work - when used together - move you through win-grow scenarios.

It's not that one insight is more important than the next. All 5 Extraordinary Work Insights are important to weave into why and how you manage and lead!

It's best to know about each one and develop practices to nurture each one ... the way they play out is up to you. However, like nature where there are few straight lines ... the use of these Extraordinary Work Insights is not linear! 

More about this topic in the months to come... 

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