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Insight# 33:

Living a great life involves deciding what you want for yourself and then giving the same to another who would enjoy that gift. In your giving, be clear that the gift originates from a place of fair exchange.

Who am I today?

Across my computer screen is a scrolling message that asks, “Who am I today?” And while the question seems simple, there is a depth to it that tugs at me everyday. That is why it is on my computer screen. I need that reminder.

I have had quite a few years to ponder this question. And I am willing to continually answer it because I am curious. And I hope you are willing to answer it as well.

Answering this question does not have to be a time-consuming process. It does not have to be a daily trudge along your life path. Instead-each day-give yourself some time to ponder the question. Let the answers arrive like snowflakes you catch on your tongue, puddles you run through, and clouds you see when laying on your back looking at the sky.

With Others

I have been in the company of some friends who were leaving this earthly realm-who were dying. During this time, we shared many reflective thoughts. I love them for that gesture and I am inspired to have them as my guides.

What I learned from those numerous chats was a personal awakening that I now pass along to you. They shared the importance of being aware of one’s self-identity so one might self-identify. Through this article, I hope to do justice to their insights.

Critiquing, Questioning 

I ask that you be alert to what I write. With every interaction, whether with self and/or others, it is important to be critical of what you see and hear, and what you think and express. You are on a journey. No one on this earth has reached a definite destination. No one person has all of the answers.

Have you noticed how easy it is to slip into what is happening around you without giving attention to what is happening for you? When you slip into the ‘norm,’ you give up more of who you really are. This slippage is a reflection of people having lost the techniques of being critical. Not so much by finding fault or disapproval although those insights can be useful. I refer instead to learning how to critique or question what is before you on your path.

With so much to consider, it may be easier to go with the collective flow rather than to create the ways and means to design your path. To walk your path sometimes means walking in opposition to those around you. And to be comfortable along this path, no matter the direction, it is important to ask, “Who am I today?” That is, to establish your self-identity.

Self-Identity, Self-Identify

As you develop self-identity, you improve why and how you live your life. You find the relevance in what you do and who you interact with in all aspects of your life. You begin the journey of surfacing your capability and your capacity to add to this world whether on a small or large scale. There are some who seek to influence the world, as there are those who help in your community. All are needed, just as you are needed, so I encourage you to publish your work.

With this move to self-identify, you increase the value of what you do in contribution to helping others live their great lives. In no short measure, you are here to serve. To know that is to find inspiration in your everyday.

Along this journey of discovery and exploration, it would be helpful to self assess your strengths and weaknesses. With these insights, you learn about yourself and grow understanding of others at the same time. As you know your strengths and weaknesses, you can figure out how others can best support you in living your great life. And in return you know how to help them.


As a way to understand more about yourself, turn to a larger size dictionary and look up ‘self.’ Then, read the list of ‘self-descriptions and explanations’ that follow. These self-referenced traits—distinguishing characteristics—provide potential answers to the question, “Who am I today?”

Here are a four ‘self-traits’ for your consideration, followed by what I think they mean.

Self-acceptance – is about learning to be human in the face of all things that you encounter along your life path. It is about bringing the real you forward without your masks and your thoughts about how you think everyone wants you to be. It is about finding your whole self in body, heart, mind and soul, and letting that light shine through.

Self-awareness – is about expanding your personal boundaries. It is about risk-taking moving into areas where you do not feel comfortable and becoming aware of what it means to be there. It is about accepting who you are in that moment as you strive to become more aware of who you are. It is about dealing with fear and guilt wisely. It is about dealing with others through ethical action just as you would like to be treated.

Self-knowledge – is about tapping into your wisdom. It is about knowing that you are wise in some things. And when you publish what you know and can do-that is, share it willingly and freely with others-you generate more knowledge that continues to grow wisdom for you to share with others. It is about deciding how you would prefer to behave because through your acceptance and awareness of self you know how to do things.

Self-worth – is about clarifying your hierarchy of values. When you make clear to yourself what you value, you open the door for finding more of it through what you do and with whom you interact. And in turn, others can benefit from your clarity. It is about finding your spirituality and life purpose. It is about taking responsibility for your actions, accepting them, being aware of how far you are willing to travel to generate more insights which will be useful in dealing with living consequences. For ultimately, it is your life – the consequences are for you.

In closing, what gift of self will you give yourself this week? Can that same gift be given to another [encouraged in another]? If yes, give the gift and feel the smile in your body.