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extraordinary experiences defined life leadership legacy mentorEntrepreneurs are aware of their products and services – their content and formatting, their delivery and sometimes their evaluation of use.

However, when asked about the delivery of experiences they are less clear. Sometimes, the tilt of the head, eyebrow raising, the puzzled look speaks volumes. And more so … when asked about “extraordinary experiences” – they ask, “What is it?”

Extraordinary Experiences Defined

The outcomes/benefits of an EX2 are:

  • customized programming that meets the needs and desires of the customer where they are and taken to where they decide to journey
  • enhanced motivation, inspiration, concentration, problem inquiry, appreciative inquiry, performance, productivity, achievement, accomplishment through invigorating and memorable activities
  • improved understanding of personal development and growth, and camaraderie within an increasingly collaborative world
  • increased ability to move beyond barriers and obstacles to achieve personal and group targets/results/outcomes
  • enhanced transfer of metaphorical concepts and practices to practical application
  • enhanced valuing and appreciation of one’s own capabilities and competence, and talents and gifts shared with others

An extraordinary experience (EX2) is a customized service (where a service is a customized product) that involves the following seven elements:

  1. experience-based learning and educating – use experience-based learning and educating tools and techniques in the delivery of the EX2 in full disclosure of learning outcomes, objectives and activities
  2. evolvement – to deliver the EX2 in stages beneficial to the customer in their words
  3. encouragement – to ensure communication from commitments the entrepreneur and the customer make and make known to each other before and during (and sometimes after) the EX2
  4. expansion – to deliver EX2 via inspired standards and wise practices to sustain mutual involvement
  5. evaluation – to improve what exists and identify what else is required in and after an EX2
  6. emergence – to leverage what each other learns from from the EX2 individually and collectively via eco-creation (ecological co-creation)
  7. extension – to continue beyond what was experienced during the EXre: what is useful for life via work, health voluntarism and/or leisure

Also … the features of the EX2 are

  • Workable … practical, feasible, realistic
  • Dramatic … considerable, noticeable, sensational
  • Novel … original, fresh, imaginative
  • Consequential … relatable, far-reaching, significant
  • Metaphoric … figurative, symbolic, representative
  • Transferable … interchangeable, assignable, negotiable
  • Safer … protected, secure, shielded

At its core EX2 involves a person – a participant of the EX2 – your customer aware of what happens to her/him within, without, between and together.

  • Within … Aware of what shifted personally
  • Without … Aware of how s/he participated
  • Between … Aware of the resistance he/she overcame to involve himself/herself with others
  • Together … Aware of the co-emergence that occurred with others

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