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Celebrant: EXtraordinary EXperiences (EX2)

All genuine education comes through experience [but] …not all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. 
John Dewey (American Educator, 1859-1952)

When I read this quote in the mid 1990s, feelings of underwhelm washed through me. Because I got it at a deep visceral level. I had been an Natural Educator since I started work. However, I'd not paid that much attention to "experience."

It was a wake-up call!

And so, here I am today connecting Natural Educator with Extraordinary Experiences.
That is connecting Elder & Mentor with Celebrant!  

Possibility Exists in Every Handshake as
You Deliver Extraordinary Experiences
~ Dr. Stephen Hobbs

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Extraordinary Experiences Defined

Experience has three meanings:
(Noun) = the experience 
(Verb) = to experience 
(Outcome) = lived experience vis a vis to experience the experience

Experience is about the "practical contact with and observation of facts and events that leave an impression"
my experience of the Taj Mahal at sunrise was a painting in action 

Experience is about encountering and participating an event 
- I set up my visit to the Taj Mahal to experience the sunrise painting the building

Experience is about the feeling, the livedness of the event 
- years later, I still remember the sunrise painting the Taj Mahal as I walked the grounds that morning (the lived experience)

The Blueprint, The Actions, The Nurturing, the Knowledge Useful to the Delivery of Extraordinary Experiences (EX2)

As a Natural Educator who delivers Extraordinary Experience (EX2) You Ease Into the World of Celebrant.  

As a Celebrant: Extraordinary Experiencees you offer a customized service (where a service is a customized product) that involves 9+1 elements of which three are listed here:

  1. experience-based learning and educating â€“ use experience-based learning, and educating tools and techniques in the delivery of the EX2 in full disclosure of learning outcomes, objectives and activities
  2. emergence â€“ to leverage what each other learns from from the EXindividually and collectively via eco-creation (ecological co-creation)
  3. extension â€“ to continue beyond what was experienced during the EXre: what is useful for life via work, health voluntarism and/or leisure

The features of the EX2 are

  • Workable â€¦ practical, feasible, realistic
  • Dramatic â€¦ considerable, noticeable, sensational
  • Novel â€¦ original, fresh, imaginative
  • Consequential â€¦ relatable, far-reaching, significant
  • Metaphoric â€¦ figurative, symbolic, representative
  • Transferable â€¦ interchangeable, assignable, negotiable
  • Safer â€¦ protected, secure, shielded

And at its core EX2 involves a person (a participant of the EX2) or persons (your community) with each person as an individual or each person in a grouping) who is aware of what happens to her/him within, without, between, together, and beyond.

  • Within â€¦ Aware of what shifted personally
  • Without â€¦ Aware of how s/he participated
  • Between â€¦ Aware of the resistance he/she overcame to involve himself/herself with others
  • Together â€¦ Aware of the co-emergence that occurred with others
  • Beyond ... Aware of its remembrance as a guiding light, a touchstone for decision making

A sample of the outcomes/benefits of an EX2 are:

  • customized programming that meets the needs and desires of the community where they are and taken to where they decide to journey
  • enhanced motivation, inspiration, concentration, problem inquiry, appreciative inquiry, performance, productivity, achievement, accomplishment through invigorating and memorable activities
  • improved understanding of personal development and growth, and camaraderie within an increasingly collaborative world
  • increased ability to move beyond barriers and obstacles to achieve personal and group targets/results/outcomes
  • enhanced transfer of metaphorical concepts and practices to practical application
  • enhanced valuing and appreciation of one’s own capabilities and competence, and talents and gifts shared with others

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