March 16, 2017

Experience Based Learning and Educating

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Experience based learning and educating is at the core of designing & realizing extraordinary experiences in the workplace, life, legacy, and mentoring. 

Encouraging More from Every Workplace and Life Education Setting

All genuine education comes through experience [but] …
not all experiences are genuinely or equally educative. 
John Dewey (American Educator, 1859-1952)

All learning is experiential. However, not all learning is experience-based.

When the educator is purposeful in designing and delivering a learning-centred / educating-centred activity that involves

  1. hands-on conditions encouraging being and doing,
  2. safe risk taking that evokes an exciting and emotional focus,
  3. ethical decision making with immediate feed-forward,
  4. an equal playing field – as no one person is an expert,
  5. the need to work well together,
  6. a connection between the learning and wider application, and
  7. gaining a fresh perspective 

then an experience-based learning for action approach is available to the learner and educator.

experience based learning coach selection extraordinary employee experiencesFor such an approach to be used effectively, considerable skill in facilitation and instruction coupled with patience, flexibility and discretion guide the educator.

In addition, knowledge and skill in programming activities from design through development, delivery and evaluation are important.

Also, active listening to the issues of the learner frame the flow of activities.

And follow-up through coaching and mentoring is essential for transfer of learning and ROI.

Personal Connection

For 35+ years I have been writing and offering workshops on experience based learning and educating approaches. 

Along with other WELLth educators (also known as WELLthers) we have used my and their insights to design and deliver WELLth Movement programming.  

The focus of my/our work is

  1. creating employee experiences for engagement, retention and growth,
  2. creating customer experiences for retention and loyalty
  3. navigating workplace culture to deliver employee and customer extraordinary experiences,
  4. guiding management and leadership in support of a chosen workplace culture path,
  5. supporting the correct relational-structure of the people who are managed and lead to accomplish the required and expressed outcome associated with the envisioned organizational culture journey
  6. managing and leading group and team member performance and group and team productivity
  7. and so, so much more.

experience based learning

Through participatory research, dialogue and observation, we continue to explore and discover what we now know about learning-for-action.  

When the learning <> educating approaches are determined to serve the clients, then the approach continues to be used.  

Where more study of an approach is needed, resources are allocated … like investigating the fields of neuroscience aligned learning and leading.

Of utmost importance to our presentations is to encourage the transfer of learning to action by the learner whereby the action accomplishes the goals, objectives, and actions aligned with the mission, vision, and values. 

Our Commitment to Experience based Learning and Educating

Core to WELLth Movement’s work is to create and deliver extraordinary experiences where learning is tangible and applicable for use in the workplace and life immediately.
The experience based learning and educating used in our organized experiences encourages individual resilience and resourcefulness within collective reliability and relevance.

Therefore, experience and learning are essential elements of our work and contribution to individual, group and organizational development and growth.

Legacy Guidance Learn Decide ActionMoving Forward

Over the weeks to come, I’ll share more about the connections among experience and learning, experience and educating, experience and life-workplace-legacy, and more.

I do so to offer clarification of the concept experience-based learning and educating as it applies to the educator, the learner and the situation in which all engage in collaborative conversations.

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Yours for the wellth of it, 

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Stephen Hobbs, EdD is from Calgary, AB and founder of the Steve serves as an international consultant, author and amazing decision facilitator. He guides executives and established entrepreneurs to evolve delivery of extraordinary employee and/or customer experiences in their words. He has published books on topics like: live your great life, create well-living workplaces, co-create the well-living world, encourage heartfelt people connections, and navigate workplace culture as an extraordinary experience. He’s also a phenomenal thought-note speaker and philanthropist for children and trees. 



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