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27 Key Thoughts about Leadership Legacy …
thoughts stimulated by Kouzes and Posner’s A Leader’s Legacy (2006)

The experience of leading is heighten when you educate others about leadership
The legacy of leadership is passed on through stories

To stay honest in your leading “loving critics’ are needed to give you feedback about what you are doing
Knowing your role model is helpful in seeing yourself in the present … your expectations of yourself, your ethics, your leadership values

In leading people they need to know something about you – your hopes, dreams, talents, expectations, and loves
Know thyself - and, to know who, why and how to lead – know your value system

Leadership is a relationship between those who aspire to lead and those chose to follow … people follow people
To lead is to know when to follow, and sometimes it means to get out of the way completely

Leading and living is done in the open, with others … here is where you leave a legacy
While love may not be the word of choice in leadership in business, then likeability certainly is … for to follow you need to like your leader because the degree to which you like is proportional to how the leader makes you feel

Trust is earned, and you have to keep working on trust as you lead
People commit to causes … a lasting leadership legacy is founded on your principles and purpose expressed

Leaders must decide on what matters in life, before they can live a life that matters

The words leaders use matter!
Discover and share YOUR leadership voice – be authentic in all of what you do.

Leading is about fromward thinking … leaders have an intention, through stories they share it to engage others along the path
Leaders notice what is going on around them NOW and leverages those insights

Leaders speak to followers in words that they will find engaging
The type of communication leader’s use has intimacy, empathy and familiarity woven into the conversation

Leaders understand each person who follows wants an improvement on today for tomorrow
Leaders are followers too!

Leading is about making a difference … when taking a stand, being courageous
Leading is within everyone

Leadership is courage in action … guiding people to places they have not visited before, and they cannot go there without courage
Failure is an option when leading

Leadership strengths can become weaknesses
The legacy you leave is the life you lead