Written by Stephen Hobbs

Entrepreneurs Challenges, Mapping

Legacy Guidance Learn Decide ActionThere is a saying “At the end of the day ….”

However, for most entrepreneurs … a revision is required: “At the beginning of the day – through the day – at the end of the day – the week that follows – the month that follows ….”

Because entrepreneurs face all types of challenges like:

  • Poor market research
  • Bad business plan
  • Not enough start-up money
  • Charging too little
  • Poor marketing strategy
  • Wrong fiscal motivation
  • Forgetting about family
  • Borrowing from friends and family
  • Trying to do too much by yourself
  • Choosing a dad business location
  • Lack of key people in key positions
  • Staff performance
  • Organizational complexity
  • Failing to delegate
  • Incorrect measurement
  • Lack of policy
  • Presumption of profit = wealth creation
  • Poor record keeping
  • Lack of accountability
  • Inconsistent systems and processes
  • Unbalance of seriousness, urgency and growth
  • Speed of technology
  • Communication, communication, asking
  • Ineffective managing, irrelevant leading, inefficient administration
  • Supply of resources
  • Market fluctuations
  • Government compliance
  • Industry practices
  • Social-cultural diversity
  • Plus others you can add …

Suggested Way to Deal With Entrepreneurs Challenges

entrepreneurs challengesAll of these challenges can be better understood and dealt with when an entrepreneur uses a map – mapping – MAPPing approach. To explain:

Maps are a visual representation of something in time and space. This representation seeks to report a factual view. However, the possibility exists the map will eventually require edits. Maps are historical as they are organic. 

Mapping Your Organisation of Work (customer and employee experiences) is a Cornerstone to Win-Grow Outcomes for Your Business

Maps and Business

Business mapping describes and explains all aspects of design, development, delivery and evaluation of products, services and experiences.

Some businesses rely on topographic maps to navigate the landscape/waterways – oil and gas, shipping, etc.

Pokemon MappingOther businesses involved in supply chain management and manufacturing use system and process mapping looking for bottlenecks and battlenecks.

With business maps involving the customer experience data expect shifts to the map. For example, a business product flow was heading east. Now, it begins to shift west. To continue using an east-oriented map likely leads to errors affecting the productivity of the business heading west. The fashion and beauty industry is an example on a large scale.

There is earth observation mapping re: climate, deforestation/reforestation, and use of land and water. Each a perspective for the users and intended audience.

Big Data Mapping is on the trend list. And as new data arrives elements of the whole map shifts.

There maps that support gamification like the Pokemon Challenge.

entrepreneurs challengesMapping Process

The process of mapping is important to draw the original maps and edit them afterwards. Whereas plans are edited on the fly.

Various tools and techniques are available including software programs for Mind Mapping, Concept Mapping, Body Mapping, Process Mapping, etc. [No affiliate links – action at your discretion.]

From Mapping to MAPPing for Business

Reimagine the word mapping to form a acronym that best illustrates what you are to do.

  1. Map to Agree
  2. Agree to Plan
  3. Plan to P______ (whatever P-related word works like Perform, Produce, Price, Position, etc.)
  4. By adding “ing” to the P-related word you highlight the process-product connection

AND, the plan(s) – steps, measures, work flow, systems, processes, etc. – originate from the map – outcomes, direction, story, wise practices, inspired standards.

In Closing

And so, as an entrepreneur …
Do you manage, lead or both.
Are you using a map, a plan or a combination of the two.

One is a wise practice!

Yours for the wellth of it,


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