May 1, 2018

21 Enlightened Capitalist Speakers Sharing Insights About BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well

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The #MeToo and Be-More-Responsible movements are changing the way we expect business to operate. Are you prepared strategically, culturally, and personally? 

At Enlightened Capitalist, we bring together leaders, laggards – and everyone in between –  to explore how we, as individuals, can change the way organizations operate. 

We believe in BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well while balancing people, purpose, performance, profit, and planet. 
Regardless of whether you are on the cutting edge or catching up as we transition to a different way of operating, you’ll want to join us at the Enlightened Capitalist Virtual Summit May 16 – 18th.  

Go to for more information and to reserve your seat so you can hear from our 20 speakers who pack 3 – 5 takeaways into their 30-minute presentations. 

We know you are too busy to spend time with fluffy, teaser-type virtual summits where the speakers talk about themselves instead of sharing their valuable insights. 

So, we set an intention to bring the value you’d receive at a live event while also giving you access to most of the speakers for a Q&A, without the need to travel *** which benefits both YOU AND the PLANET ***

Our speakers come from Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and the USA and we have a balance of females and males.

Many of our speakers are award-winning specialists and best-selling authors, who also prefer to deliver value to as many people as possible.

This is a no-pitch summit, and the speakers will provide insight and advice you can use immediately.

Most of the speakers are also available to answer your questions immediately after their presentation. *Note there is a room capacity of 100 for these live Q&A sessions so come early.

Topics include:
·         Keynote:  Terrific Trends for Enlightened Capitalists: Fixing Hunger, Poverty, War, and Catastrophic Climate Change for Fun and Profit - Shel Horowitz
·         Keynote: Power of Human Connection - Rebecca Murtagh
·         Shhh... The Values Economy is Here ... - Alan Williams
·         Doing Business, Doing Good - Sophie Wisbrun
·         The Age of the Do Wellers (and why we need to talk a bit less about the Do Gooders) - Andy Last
·         Connecting Your Employees to Nature to Improve Organisational Well-being, Performance and Sustainability - Tabi Jayne
·         Sustainability Narratives & Communication Strategies that Support C-Suite Decision Making - Minto Roy
·         Generate your Noble Cause: Empowerment through Purpose - Kevin Gangel
·         The STRESS-Factor in Change - Dr. Ulwyn Pierre
·         Supporting, Empowering and Magnifying People Doing Amazing Things to Create a Better World - Ravinol Chambers
·         Being Good in the Midst of Chaos - Richard Schultz
·         Forgiveness at work - Marion Neubronner
·         Leadership from the Heart - Robert Clancy
·         Imagining a New Energy Company - Suzanne West
·         Ecological Profitability: Its Contribution to Ethical Decision-Making - Dr. Stephen Hobbs
·         Innovation for Good - Robin Palmer
·         Creating a Business Case for Sustainability Your CFO will Love – 2 @ 30-minute sessions - Dr. Bob Willard
·         How to Close your Profit Leaks to Fund Your Higher Purpose - Anne C. Graham
·         The Power of Storytelling in Your Enlightened Capitalism Quest - Donna Lendzyk
·         10 Keys to ECO- Entrepreneurship - Jeff Golfman
·         What Have We Learned? - The Virtual Summit Wrap-Up - Carol Wain

Go to to reserve your complimentary spot for the presentations and live Q&As with many of the speakers (limited to 100 attendees for the Q&A).

And if you miss out, or cannot attend the Virtual Summit, choose the option to watch at your leisure during the next 6 months for only $79 USD.

If you have troubles with the registration, please email

Don’t miss out, reserve your spot today to find out how to be a more Enlightened Capitalist who believes in BEING Good, DOING Good, and DOING Well.

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