Encourage You – Legacy Challenge through Haiku

Written by Stephen Hobbs

On Most Fridays I Share My Encourage YOU Post.

I ask you to play along with me as I offer up a legacy challenge. Nothing strenuous! Maybe a one-time event! Then again, you might like it and continue doing it!

Today’s Legacy Challenge is writing Haiku.

I was reminded of this form of poetry after reading the following post I Tweeted.


Here is an excerpt …

“Poetry is a mindfulness in its most exquisite form. It is integral part of human nature and therefore is a sort of celebration of life in all its manifestations.

Especially haiku, an “instant” form of poetry, focusing on the world around us and fostering each moment of life.

As a form of poetry, haiku originated first in Japan and later became popular in other regions. Haiku poets write short poems, consisting of only 17 syllables. In Japan these poems are valued for their simplicity, openness, depth and lightness.

In original Japanese form the structural rules are:

  • use exactly 17 syllables
  • syllables are arranged in three lines of 5-7-5
  • similes and metaphors are avoided
  • refers to a season of the year.

Haiku poems can describe anything, but mostly they are a result of the observation from the outer world, and have a major theme that appeals strongly to one of the five senses.”

Having Fun – my Legacy Challenge attempt at Haiku

caress winter bark
fallen tree knows life again
squirrel hides its seed

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