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Level 1 (The Seed)

For $1 CAN you'll receive the pdf eBook Elder: Inspired Practitioner (Value $4.97 CAN)

This copy is the Version 1 release of the book. To automatically receive the Version 2 of the book that includes interviews with Elders - sharing their stories, in their words, go to the $5 tab. 

Otherwise, the Version 2 book will be available in the WELLth Bookstore for $20 CAN in August 2021.


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Elder: Inspired Practitioner Is A Wellth Decision That Has Humonmgous Implications For You and Those You Touch Everyday! Live IT!

We're committed to support your wise allocation of time, effort, & money as you involve yourself in "children and trees" programs locally and globally. 

 When you listen you learn;
where you share you educate ...
"A truer truism to be truthfully
told by all travellers"

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Client Testimonial 1:

1 to 1 Facilitative Mentoring
Dr. Stephen Hobbs has helped me to articulate my business vision in much greater detail than I was able to initially explain. His attention to the meaning behind words is profound, as he is able to create a deep richness through making subtle changes to words and sentence structure. This richness added depth and value to my existing content. Steve told me not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear, in a supportive and encouraging way. Steve taught me how to build a stronger foundation for my course platform, to deeply enrich the quality of the content provided, along with a tangible strategy for how to execute an implementation plan using a mentoring approach. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to increase the value of their existing course content or for anyone starting out and needing a solid structure to base their material on.

Shawna Curry
Lifestyle Educator  


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