December 22, 2021

Did You Have a Mentor Value

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Doug Lawrence
Director Education & Outreach  

Quora Question: Did you have a mentor? What did he teach you? Did it work? Are you or will you be a mentor as well? Why?

Doug's Written Answer: I have had mentors and continue to have mentors as part of my journey today. In actual fact, I have a number of mentors each providing me with something that the others may not. I would not be where I am today without my mentors as they provide guidance but also challenge me to think - critical thinking skills. Having started my own business back in 2009 that is focused on mentoring and the training and certification of mentors has helped me understand the value that mentoring can and does bring to my personal and professional world.

One of my mentees is now mentoring others as a result of our time together. I also have one other mentee who is about to embark on a mentoring experience as well. I am still a mentor to a number of people virtually and face to face. Mentoring is a way for me to give back and to help people and organizations be the best that they can be.

In the video, Doug elaborates on three points related to his written response to the question.

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