March 1, 2022

Daily Posts Older Elder Mentor Legacy Project 2022 March 1

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A few persons asked me about the background to my request of Professionals on LinkedIn...

/|\ And so ---

_I'm 68 years young (x 34) careers involving a professional approach in each one

_Walked through the Next Fifty Transition door and down the hallway - kicking and screaming +there is more I will share during the course and in the books+

_Realize my lived experiences are many and varied around the world including witnessing the atrocities of humans with humans, and humans with the planet

_And mostly, I was running away from intimacy with "me, myself, and I" _However, I gathered some impressive outcomes, including a doctorate, published books 10+, and more...

_I gave everything to my careers - at the expense of self-care and many broken personal and professional relationships ...

_My calm spot was among the trees or on the water.

Today --- I'm the master of my Mystery!
(Fun side - I'm a giraffe with a squirrel complex)

This leads me to the latest version of my legacy statement
hat guides my research for the books and courses:

I guide 55+ years young professionals
who give it all to their careers
and now find themselves ill-prepared and unfocused
in their transition to their Next Fifty

TO become certified mentors
committed to leveraging their lived experiences
in service to family, friends, and communities
with clarity and confidence

SO they can leave a legacy they intend to live
as they
_make whole the broken personal and professional relationships
_support cross-generational learning experiences
_nurture self-care in the presence of nature
without wasting time, effort, and money

You asked - I shared!

Update: WI will likely edit as there are crickets around my ask!

Legacy Words Legacy Project
Legacy Words Legacy Project
Legacy Words Legacy Project

Legacy Giraffe Story

February 28, 2022

Often you have to check in with the mirror. For the last couple of months, I kept seeing the Flash of me, myself, and I. Today - well, the message says it all ))smiles 

Mirror, Mirror. Ok. I'm bending down. What, you say, I'm a giraffe with a squirrel complex. Nuts! No longer!!! However, I'll stand as a giraffe!

Legacy Assessment Becoming Belonging Being

February 27, 2022

Here is a reminder of the times when “belonging, becoming, and being” jostle for the position of decision-maker.

Your assessment of belonging often collides with your sense of becoming until you realize it's about being natural

February 26, 2022

The Realization of Elder Using Words Starting with E ..words like experience, evidence, empathy, and 7 more. Offering insights for your realization of Elder.

Legacy Grace Hope Faith

February 26, 2022

Legacy involves-instills-imagines many possibilities and opportunities where grace, hope, and faith emerge - and sometimes, with an Escher twist (#Mobius strip)

Legacy has you instill the elegance of grace and the meaning of hope with an Escher twist of faith

Ask Entrepreneurs

February 25, 2022

Legacy Quote

Trees Everyday Walk

February 24, 2022

Sharing a TREEmendous thought and question!

Today is like any other day... wait a minute, "Is that true for you?" Just got back from a walk - brrrr! 

Mentoring Collaborative Conversations

February 23, 2022

Mentoring is two-way, filled with collaborative conversations, in which the mentee asks questions of the mentor, of which the mentee (often) actions the answers

Mentoring is a way to see yourself through the collaborative conversations the mentee actions (most times)

February 23, 2022

Went Live at 10 am MST
YT: WellthLearningTV
FB: International Mentoring Community
YT: International Mentoring Community 

Older Elder Mentor Legacy

February 22, 2022

As you move along the causeway of Older-Elder-Mentor you gain knowledge and skills to find and walk through the archway of Legacy - from here, you experience wonder as you walk onward!

The sequence of Older to Elder to Mentor is a causeway to the archway of Legacy. Walk onward!

Legacy Transition Ask

February 21, 2022

The Ask
Are you a 55+ year young professional in transition to your Next Fifty (or thinking about the upcoming transition)? The pathway seems daunting - the decisions are coming at you quickly - and you find yourself asking So What? What Else? and Now What?

If you are in either of these places - I ask to talk with you about a course and book I'm developing and writing. I'm deep into research and YOUR insights would be most appreciated.

Do you have 29 minutes to answer 9-10?s via Zoom. If yes DM me here and I'll send you my scheduler address or we can message each other to find a day and time that works for you!

Legacy Whole Sense of Self

February 20, 2022

As you engage your felt approach to life your emotions indicate a charge and direction of living - you decide the ways and means by which life unfolds - you decide to be fully human

Legacy fronts your whole sense of living well with others & being well for self in the moments within, without, between, together, & beyond

February 19, 2022

Appreciating Older Using 10 Words Starting with O

The Loverage Legacy Show on the WELLthLearningTV channel on YTube.

February 19, 2022

There are formalized inquiries suggested by problem and appreciation. Then there is the informal enquiry encouraged through humbleness. The decision of which one - Head and Heart!

Legacy fronts the relevant use of problem inquiry, appreciative inquiry, and humble enquiry

Legacy Transition Stories

February 18, 2022

Stories are guides to your experiences in life. Whether a story for - as in to manage - and a story from - as on to lead. More so, stories highlight your responses to challenge and support.

Legacy fronts the transitional stories of older, elder, and mentor you tell and share to live your extraordinary life

Legacy Challenge Support

February 17, 2022

Living the legacy you’ll leave involves support and challenge. Their arrival occurs for many reasons. Some, you did it. Some, they're happening for you. Your response, your approach = Life Legacy, and more!

Legacy fronts the support and challenge you'll experience - whether unplanned and planned through winks, winds, & wands

February 16, 2022

Two topics for the IMC Mentoring Lounge - How to Support a Mentee, The Practice of Mentoring

Legacy Personal Story Reasons

February 16, 2022

To leave the legacy you intend to live fronts (frames) your transformational story linked to the reasons you want (need) to serve your family, friends, and communities

Legacy fronts your personal story and the reasons you want to invite others to your legacy project

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