October 24, 2016

Creative Thinking Used by Entrepreneurs

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Creative thinking, creating the well-living workplace and your role as supporter/initiator of the creative process

10 Insights to Nurture Creative Thinking by Entrepreneurs 

creative thinkingWithout fanfare – sharing this list:

  1. Start where people are … use their words, look for what’s familiar, what’s accepted
  2. Listen to what is said, seen, felt and experienced … look for the hierarchy of values each person and the group is sharing
  3. Celebrate what people share … move people towards the outcome in their words in light of their hierarchy of values
  4. Create a list of ideas shared … improve, focus and strengthen the ideas to move them forward
  5. Explore the ideas people share by completing a seriousness, urgency and growth review so as to select ideas to move them forward
  6. Listen for things people say more frequently than other things and quickly determine whether these things are smart or simply popular but not smart
  7. If something is off the mark – ignore, downplay, or otherwise make sure the idea isn’t brought up again
  8. Repeat the most important and high-impact items in familiar and reinforcing ways
  9. Use odd numbers – five slides, five categories of information (one to a slide), three bullets of explanation under each of the five slides
  10. Incorporate bigness and boldness into the language you use to describe the strategy by which to stretch your organization of experience

creative thinkingThese ideas are result of practical experience. In reading them as is they are best practices. In your use of them, edit (add, alter, delete) them  so they become wise practices for you.

Question each insight before implementing. Maybe a word is incorrect for your workplace. The phrasing may interrupt application.

Enjoy … appreciate your comments and adaptations – so we can all continue to grow.

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