Written by Stephen Hobbs

Read These Three Books to Live Extraordinary Experiences

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As you enter your next fifty are you thinking and talking about wellness, happiness, fulfillment and giving back – about living a great life?

If yes … these topics are about YOUR wellth creation.

If no – why not?

A Great Life is a wellthy life where wellth refers to:

  • well-being to the nth degree for person [re: living your great life – balancing work, leisure, voluntarism and heath]
  • well-living to the nth degree for people [re: creating the well-living workplace™ – a place of work where you enjoy what they do and do what you enjoy while receiving fair compensation for demonstrated competence]
  • well-living to the nth degree for communities [re: co-creating the well-living world™ – where and when your express being your for the world as you live from your legacy]

And one or more of these life scenarios are forefront in your mind …

  • Awakening to joyous next fifty experiences.
  • Creating legacy to enhance the essence of being human.
  • Examining opportunities for personal fulfillment.
  • Starting a second career for financial support.
  • Living longer without financial reserves.

It’s these reasons and more that prompt awareness of new ways of being in this world. Therefore, the search is on to create a life in your words, on your terms.

Connecting with YOU

great lifeFor 40+ years I have been a guide on the ride of my customers and clients as they further the concepts and practices of wellth creation for self, groups/teams, organizations and communities.

Through webinars and workshops, books and eBooks, articles and papers, and mentoring and thought-note speaking wellth educators and I have touched thousands around the world.

With each product, service and experience offered via WELLth Movement, customers and clients – like YOU – use the Frame-Learn-Decide-Act-Outcomes mapping tool to savor freedom, fulfillment and fun.

From participants’ insights mixed with our reflections, we wrote the WELLth Trilogy. The books are titled:

  1. Living Your Great Life
  2. Creating the Well-Living Workplace
  3. Co-Creating the Well-Living World

Each book stands alone. Yet, as a trilogy, considerable wisdom is available to guide you in being you for the world. These books are timeless in their use. And are overflowing in wisdom for individual reflection and group conversation. Therefore, do not use the “date-of-the-book” criteria to dismiss these books.

great lifeThe Living YOUR Great Life (LYGL) book guides you to consider wellthy ways to live life …

  • on your terms according to what makes sense to you as you learn and grow
  • on a spiritual level – to harmonize your belief system to describe and explain your life in your words
  • on a mental level – to support your thinking and feeling about family, friends and work colleagues
  • on a physical level – to help you take actions befitting your wellthiest life

The thinking behind the LYGL book:

The LYGL book offers awareness of the support available to create and live a life of your design. It’s about encouraging and enthusing you to balance your wellth and wealth creation in whatever way makes sense for you. The insights are not the keys to the kingdom. Instead they are the foundational ideas upon which to organize learning, make decisions and take action.

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Leadership Legacy Well-Living Workplace great lifeThe Creating the Well-Living Workplace (CWLWP) book guides you to create wellth in your organization …

  • on terms agreed upon by members of the groups and teams who see recognition for their involvement
  • on the organizational level as a whole – through navigating workplace culture
  • on group-team levels – through developing and supporting people working together
  • on individual level – through guiding manager-leaders to become awesome at managing-leading

The thinking behind the CWLWP book:

The CWLWP book reimagines the use of tools and techniques to create places of work. Where executives, entrepreneurs, employees, customers and clients work together. They adhere to the values and practices of well-living. They create the ways and means forward using the local and regional resources available.

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great lifeThe Co-Creating The Well-Living World (CCWLW) book guides you to co-create wellthy opportunities to involve others …

  • on terms agreeable to the members of community whose contributions support outcomes to favor everyone involved
  • on nature-based levels to wisely use the resources of the planet
  • on human-scale levels to balance natural rhythms with the advancement of civilization
  • on humanity levels to co-create opportunities for the advancement of diversity

The thinking behind the CCWLW book:

The CCWLW book connects people, planet and profit. They are travelling companions. Each sustains the other. Therefore, the decisions you make in balancing wealth and wealth creation are significant for you and your travelling companions.

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Yours for the wellth of it,


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