October 12, 2022

Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement while Mentoring

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Continuous Learning and Continuous Improvement While Mentoring

What is the importance of continuous learning for a mentor?
What is the importance of continuous improvement for a mentor? 

00:00 Introduction 

04:45 Mentoring Definition
Continuous Learning - the concepts
Continuous Improvement - the practices 

Improve - worth
Focus - truth
Strengthen - utility 

13:00 5 action-outcome statements - Why so few?

Because - this module is about checking in with the mentor about their dedication to Learn-Know-Do

14:48 2 Broad Action-Outcomes

Discuss the requirements for an inclusive and mutual learning environment

Discuss the merits of multiple educating approaches for the mentoring arrangement

24:35 3 Layered Action-Outcomes

Review requirements for a mentoring arrangement conducive to learning and development

27:10 Use instructive-coaching in the mentoring arrangement

Use facilitative-mentoring in the mentoring arrangement


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