July 22, 2021 

Want to explore the use of a new term "withdigenous" as it applies to legacy and legacy project

Let me start with "digenous" ((digenesis)) - from biology - about sexual reproduction. That is, it is synergistic, as in pertaining to and/or originating from two sexes. [from a Google Search] 

Then there is indigenous - originating or naturally occurring in a particular place - used to identify a "peoples" of a "place" like the indigenous people's of Siberia. [from a Google Search] 

And in consideration of Biomimicry - the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes. s [from a Google Search]

A New Word

I enjoy looking for the meaning of the word in the word and/or creating new words to describe/explain something.

As to the later - I created the word "withdigneous" as in pertaining to the synergistic design and (re)production of legacy values - challenges - projects - stories - contributions by persons influenced by local - regional/national - international matters of the world and/or planet.

Going to stop here - so I can revisit the word in a few days - and ask others to weigh in on the word to determine if it is useful, helpful, and/or eventful.

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