January 4, 2017

Congruence of Creativity Innovation at Work (Harmony)

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More Ideas Arrive When Creativity AND Innovation Influence Your Organization of Work …

  • What would happen if everyone in your workplace harnessed creativity and innovation on a daily basis? 
  • What would happen if each employee were encouraged to bring forward one new idea and/or one new way of doing existing things in a better way each month? 

The potential impact would be limitless!

Grounding the Definitions of Creativity Innovation

Creativity = the generation of new ideas, concepts and novel approaches
Innovation = the application of creative (new) ideas, the implementation – doing something new with ideas

While different, creativity and innovation are entwined. They are complementary. They are partners that balance within one another. They harmonize each other to tackle challenges.  

A creative idea resulted in the wheel and its innovative uses are well known.
A creative idea results in a new song and adding new lyrics to the tune creates a parody video loaded on YouTube. 

mapping tools creativity innovation4 Key Elements of Creativity Innovation

Creativity and innovation mix and mingle within the concepts and practices of leadership and management. Creativity merges into leadership and innovation merges into management. 

Because of their complementarity the following Key Elements of Creativity and Innovation suggest four ways to organize your work. 

While these 4 Elements are not exhaustive, they are a great starting point. 

Work Straightest Path
Clear Awareness = Vision
Focus Attention = Time
Focus Intention = Effort
Show Up
Speak from YOUR Values  
Engage Self with Others
Accept the Consequences

To elaborate:

extraordinary experiences defined life leadership legacy mentorWork Straightest Path … to move from point A to point B, a straight line is the best connector. However, where you and others are involved, a straight line is impractical to realize. Instead, you have to follow the straightest line possible.

Without keeping this concept in mind it is easy to get sidelined, side tracked and rabbit holed. Often these paths are fun and result in a great idea = awesome. Unfortunately, by walking these paths, the necessary or significant work can lag behind its due date.

Clear Awareness = Vision … to walk this A-B path, your vision summarizes what you are working from; that is, the vision has you action your intentions from the future in the present. Therefore, it’s essential to remain mindful of the vision to harmonize everyone’s involvement in the creative and innovative work.  

Focus Attention = Time … to continue walking along the creative and innovative path time becomes an ally not a foe. With focused attention on how time is integrated into the work, you see things done more quickly.

Focus Intention = Effort … to accompany time, your effort realizes the vision in the perceived time. Without intentional effort, less will be done because hands and head alone are not enough. The heart must be present for the effort to be genuine. 

Show Up 
Speak from YOUR Values
Engage Self with Others
Accept the Consequences … the four phrases-like the four winds-are important to keep things fresh. As they accompany the creative and innovative work, they become companions that allow you to rise metaphorically and literally above every situation of your organization of work.  

An Innovative Interpretation of the 4 Key Elements of Creativity and Innovation

In moving forward consider the following innovative interpretation of the 4 Key Elements of Creativity and Innovation as the 4 Simple Go Forwards:

See YOUR Intention

Keep IT in YOUR Sights
Do IT until YOU Are Doing IT
As YOU Are Doing IT, Be Caring In ALL Things


A Closing Thought 

Enjoy the hinders and helps, pains and pleasures, and ups and downs of the creativity innovation processes.
With them you come to value who you are in relationship with others and the intentional outcome you decide to see, feel and experience.

We stand, applaud and benefit from your creative and innovative ideas!
And you comment are appreciated … 

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Yours for the wellth of IT, 

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