September 23, 2016

Collaborative Summary 10 Insights Workplace Hospitality

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Collaborative Conversations – A 5 Part Series about Creating the Well-Living Workplace in View and Actions Associated with Hospitality

In Closing this Series – a Collaborative Summary …

In my book Creating the Well-Living Workplace statement #120 applies:

The well-living workplace involves determining the distance and meaning
 of the words expressed between conversational quote signs.

collaborative summaryThe words that appear between the quote signs are dynamic.
In a few words of conversation, many great and glorious or tiny and shameful things can evolve.
What gets created, flows from the words you share.
They are an indication of your conscious and non-conscious intentions.

And ask yourself,
“Are my conversations collaborative in creating the well-living workplace?”

Review of 10 Insights

If you’re reading this post without reference to the 5 earlier posts,
here are the links to the 5 part series on collaborative conversations: 

Insights 9 and 10

Insights 7 and 8

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Insights 1 and 2 

Setting Up the 5 Post Series

Question for You

Upon reading the 5 part series – reading the 10 insights … how has your awareness about well-living workplace, collaborative conversations and hospitality improved, focused and/or strengthened?

collaborative conversations

collaborative conversations

collaborative group

collaborative questions

collaborative data

collaborative rapport


collaborative data

collaborative group

Collaborative story

collaborative questions

Final Reminder …

collaborative summary


Yours for the wellth of it,


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