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Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “sharing the story” and “remaining present”

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Collaborative Story while Remaining Present … their importance!

Collaborative storySharing the Collaborative Story

Play out the conversation and share the story

animate your story through walking your talk and sharing the story.
In doing so, the more it will remain present.
Like any great story-sharer, find your rhythm and voice to share the story.
Then share IT with enthusiasm & encouragement.
And help others to find their rhythm, their voice and a way to animate the story you all will tell.

remian-present-in-conversationsRemaining Present

Live in permanent collaborative conversation

strengthen your resolve so as not to become disheartened.
There are times and places when you feel no one is listening nor contributing.
While that may be the case some days, simply reframe your thoughts and say to yourself, “They are resting before joining me again.”
And as much as possible, remain present in your conversations because someone is sharing everyday.
Small steps, move you along the path.

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