Written by Stephen Hobbs

Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “collaborative rapport” and “connecting decision makers and outsiders”

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Collaborative Rapport

Create rapport with one, collaboration with many

collaborative rapportdetermine the personal connections you require with individuals as with groups.
Each relationship differs because of the hierarchy of values each person expresses about their workplace involvement.
However, collectively you will fashion and foster mutual conditions of collaboration based on fairness, respect, caring, trustworthiness and accountability.
In doing so, you demonstrate the ethics of a well-living workplace others will incorporate into your relationships today.


Decision Makers 

Establish an initial group of decision makers and outsiders

collaborative conversationsarrange connection with extensive networks, including decision makers of the organization.
There will be times when you will call upon them for help.
Also, it is helpful to hook up with people from outside your immediate work area who make strategic decisions.
These outsiders may well become insiders as you expand the well-living workplace idea forward.


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