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Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “the growth of persons” and “experiencing humanity in the workplace”

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About collaborative questions of identity and humanity in the workplace

collaborative questionsThe growth of persons

Question identity by asking “Who are we?” …

… as you measure the intensity and frequency of “shift happens” scenarios.
One of the most important shifts involves the growth and development of persons.
They shift in their perceptions, assumptions, beliefs, and opinions.
Therefore, it is essential to use collaborative questions to check and recheck the path you and they are walking is still appropriate for you with them and vice versa.
Identity begets meaning begets value!

collaborative questionsExperiencing humanity in the workplace

Know that-big or small-it works …

whether you are working with a small group, a department unit or an organization as a whole, the intention you place in sustaining collaborative conversations of the well-living workplace will benefit everyone.
Through collaborative conversations you realize a way of becoming.
In doing so you support what you have and do in creating the well-living workplace.
It benefits others given the opportunity to see and hear there is a more humane way to work together.

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