September 22, 2016

Collaborative Groups Sharing Reflections

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Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “asking for reflections” from “different grouping formats”

Insights 7 and 8 of 10

About a collaborative group asking for reflections via different grouping formats

collaborative groupCollaborative group reflections

Share reflections on past and present

remain alert to sharing the story of what is happening either orally or in writing.
By sharing what you have learned, you are solidifying what you know.
You benefit because your reflection is a leadership attribute and you have mastery of the topic.
Others benefit because you become relevant data for their move to eco-create the well-living workplace.

collaborative groupUse different grouping formats 

Conduct preliminary strategic work in smaller groupings, then bring the groups together

start small and grow accordingly is a wise decision.
The current situation in which you find yourself may require a longer growth process because not every workplace situation is ready to embrace collaborative conversations.
In other situations the concept may blossom immediately.
Sometimes, even with these ten insights forefront in your actions, knowing ‘less is better’ is a wise perspective.

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