September 21, 2016

Collaborative Data Decision Making

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Collaborative conversations are framed and actioned by “using outside data and outside people” and “looking ahead for decision making”

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Collaborative data for decision making

collaborative dataUsing outside data/people

Include outside data and outside people, as you need it/them

remember you are not alone and you are not the first.
Someone has walked the path before, whether in your organization or in other organizations.
Collect what others have done and connect with people who are involved in collaborative conversations elsewhere.
Gather these best practices and turn them into wise practices you apply.

collaborative dataDecision making and metaphors 

Look ahead, far in advance of decisions anticipated

use the power of vision and dreams to emphasize your points.
Figure out the image or metaphor you are working from and begin to share this image.
The decisions you make today influence future decisions and are the small gains in the overall vision you hold.
Create tomorrow’s workplace today!

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