Using Collaborative Conversations in the Well-Living Workplace

Written by Stephen Hobbs

collaborative conversations Life_legacy connection currencyUsing Collaborative Conversations To Create a Well-Living Workplace

I have often been asked where I start conversations about the well-living workplace.

That is, to create a place of work where people live and work well together.
Where they enjoy what they do and do what they enjoy.

My response:

I use collaborative conversations to create a well-living workplace …
while using a hospitality approach.

That is …
You prepare your welcome for those who’ve not arrived yet.
You’re mindful to start where the person is when they arrive.
You use collaborative conversations from the outset.

As It Applies to You

collaborative conversationsThe same applies to you.
When you start a new project, take up a new assignment, you arrive in new place of work.

It’s important to ask yourself and others questions like,
“What does the term well-living workplace mean to you?”
“What does the workplace of tomorrow look like?”
“If you could have your great workplace today, what would it look like?”

When you answer these questions, you have insights to frame your listening and learning when others share their answers. Listen with a caring response.

If others offer no response, then that tells you something. If they share the story of what they see for themselves, then you have more insights to leverage. Their insights guide your acceptance and/or challenge of your beliefs and assumptions, and opinions and perceptions.

Then What?

Once you identify what you know and comprehend what others have shared, then start and sustain collaborative conversations via a hospitality perspective.

For Your Learning and Action

Today and for the next four days I’ll post two insights a day to invite you and others to become luminaries in co-creation of the well-living workplace using hospitality insights.

Yours for the wellth of it,


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