March 3, 2022

Coaching and Mentoring Connection Competition Collaboration

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Coaching and Mentoring
and their Connection Competition Collaboration

Topics Covered

00:11 Intro: Coaching and Mentoring
_ Sources of Content for the video
_ 10 educating Approaches from Dr. Stephen Hobbs' book

06:38 What is Coaching?
With thanks to the International Coaching Federation*
07:56 Key Points about Coaching
11:12 What is Mentoring?
From the International Mentoring Community 
12:37 Key Points about Mentoring

Mandatory Myth Debunking

18:32 What is the Connection between Coaching and Mentoring?
23:00 What is the Competition between Coaching and Mentoring?
28:11 What is the Collaboration between Coaching and Mentoring?

30:40 The metaphor of Stick to Look at Coaching and Mentoring

39:52 Asking the questions So What? What Else? And Now What? as you seek to improve, focus, and strengthen your approaches to coaching and mentoring, whether separately or together.

Closing out!

*Transparency: The International Coaching Federation was not consulted on the content in the video. Their definition is available on their website.

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