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10 Questions to Ask During coach selectionCoach Selection (Focus)

Here are 10 questions to ask your coach during the selection interview.
These questions are based on you having reviewed the potential coach’s credentials and experience, and linked to why you are looking for a coach:

  1. What coaching approach do you suggest for our relationship?
  1. What type of questions will you use to encourage me?
  1. Will we use action maps to record and map out my decisions and direction?
  1. What framework do you work through with your coachee? What theories and models will you suggest we use?
  1. What ethical values are applicable in our coaching relationship?
  1. Do you know the connection between my commitments (promises) and estimates (expectations)?
  1. Will we use reflective practice in working together?
  1. How do you continue to improve your coaching practice beyond coaching itself?
  1. How will you foster and fashion interdependence in our relationship?
  • +1 = How do you know when our relationship is to be adjourned?

Another View of These Coach Selection Questions

If you are a coach and/or becoming a coach … can you answer these questions if a potential coachee asked you.

If yes = awesome!

If no … collect your responses and weave them into a FAQ handout to give potential coachees.
One of the secrets to coach-coachee-coaching success is a prevention mindset and preparation approach ))smiles

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